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The installation of Debian is really difficult. I downloaded Debian 6.04 CD from the Internet and only downloaded CD1, which contains a very small number of software. Therefore, many software needs to be installed by myself.

1. You can download the image on the Debian official website. CD1 only has more than 600 m, and it is faster to download. Of course, you can also download the DVD version. I have never done it, so I don't know how many software packages are included. II. I installed Debian on the hard disk. My current system is win7 + ubuntu. I wanted to add the boot item directly from the grub in Ubuntu. Later, because Debian can only search for ISO from FAT32 or ext3 file systemsWhile my Ubuntu is 12.10 and I use the ext4 file system. I tried it and it seems that I couldn't find the Debian ISO file I downloaded. Later, we only installed Windows 7 using easybcd and Windows 7. There was also a problem with Windows 7, that is, the Debian mentioned above could not recognize the NTFS format file system, while all the file systems under Windows 7 were NTFS, the first method was to convert the NTFS format to FAT32, but it was troublesome. Fortunately, I used a USB flash disk to solve this problem. Copy the downloaded Debian. ISO file to the USB flash drive. After setting easybcd, you can start the installation process. This will search for the ISO file during the installation process. Use easybcd to install Debian from hard disk detailed process is as follows: 1) download Debian CD1 ISO file, such as debian-6.0.6-i386-CD-1.iso. 2) Copy the ISO file to the USB flash drive and connect the USB flash drive to the computer.
3rd, copy the initrd.gzfile vmlinuz1_boot.img.gz to the c root directory. Note that these two files cannot be included in the ISO file. You need to download the corresponding hard disk boot file from the Internet /.4) install easybcd.5) Open easybcd, select Add new entry, select neogrub on the right, click Install, select configure, and write the following content in the open file:
title Install Debianroot (hd0,0)kernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=/debian.iso ro quiet splash locale=zh_CN.UTF-8initrd (hd0,0)/initrd.gz
6) restart the computer and select install Debian to install the software.

Iii. System Configuration after installation

If the Debian installation process is in Chinese, the installation may be garbled. This is why the font is not installed. Just install the wenquanyi font. If you can connect to the Internet, use commands for installation. If you cannot connect to the Internet, download the font for installation.

apt-get install ttf-wqy-zenhei 

After Debian is installed, there is basically no software, or even no NIC driver or graphics card driver. If there is no NIC Driver, you need to download the driver for the corresponding Nic. Note that to install the NIC Driver, you must first install the compiling environment. To install the compiling environment of the system, you can install it from the ISO file. The specific method is to copy the Debian. ISO file to the system and mount it to the CD-Rom. The command is as follows:

mount -t iso9660 -o loop /home/ssj/debian.iso /media/cdrom0/

Then add the CD-Rom to the APT source. The command is as follows:

apt-cdrom add

Then install the compiling environment and vim. Command

aptitude install build-essential vim
Nic Configuration

With the compilation environment, you can install the NIC driver and the graphics driver. Wired network card configuration is as follows, wireless network card configuration reference:
The content of the/etc/Network/interfaces file is as follows:

# Eth0 configure auto eth0allow-hotplug eth0iface eth0 Inet staticaddress # ipnetmask restart 255.255.0gateway # auto loiface lo Inet loopback

The content of the/etc/resolv. conf file is as follows:

Configure the software update source:

Vim/etc/APT/sources. List, the content is as follows:

# Netease 163 Update Server: deb squeeze main non-free contribdeb squeeze-proposed-Updates main non-free contribdeb-Src squeeze main non-free contribdeb-Src squeeze-proposed-Updates main non-free contrib
Update Software Source
aptitude update

Flash Installation

Download the flash plug-in file install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz

tar -xzf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gzcd install_flash_player_10_linux/mkdir -p ~/.mozilla/plugins/cp  ~/.mozilla/plugins/cp  /usr/lib/iceweasel/

Note: The Directory here ~ Is the current user directory, not the root directory.

Install the ibus Input Method
Aptitude install ibus // enter aptitude install-t experimental ibus-pinyin // Chinese support

If the volume adjustment button is displayed, the gnome-volumn-control process cannot be found. You can install gnome-media to solve this problem.

aptitude install gnome-media

After the installation is complete, click the speaker in the upper right corner and click volume-control to adjust the sound.

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