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In development, the script can improve BSProgramAbility to interact with customers and reduce data transmission between clients and services. However, most developers tend to avoid writing client scripts or simply using scripts to complete some simple functions. There are many reasons for this situation, but it is difficult to debug script programs. The following procedure describes how to use the debugger in to debug javascript: 1. First, let your ie allow debugging of the script. The procedure is as follows: open ie-> tool menu-> inter option-> Advanced tab-> remove "Disable script debugging" option 2, open, create a new project (or open one) 3. Run page 4 You Want To debug. When your page is displayed in IE, return to. net5, set the breakpoint in the script: debug menu-> window-> debug document-> select the page to debug in "Run document" (this is a floating toolbar similar to solution manager) 6. Then, you can access the script through the webpage. When the script runs to a breakpoint, You can debug it. if you want to enter the debugging status when loading the page, you can press F10 (process by process) for debugging.

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