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Microsoft's latest operating system Vista is the topic most of the computer fans talk about, and everyone wants to see her face, but Vista's hardware configuration requirements are more stringent, which makes many friends in their own low configuration machine and system running speed dilemma. In fact, the use of software and Longhorn style files, can be completely on the XP operating system to simulate the super real bright black style vista operating system, then let us together for your operating system to put on a cool black coat it.

   The first step: Replace the system interface style

Required Software:

UxTheme multi-patcher 4.0 (download address:

   Longhorn visual style files

Windows Vista uses a very beautiful "bright black" style interface, this effect we can use the Longhorn visual style file to implement, download the compression package to the machine, unzip it, open the "C:windowsresourcesthemes" folder, Create a new folder named "Longhorn" to copy the Shell, wallpaper folder, and Longhorn.msstyles files from the file you just extracted to the C: Windowsresourcesthemeslonghorn folder. Install the two fonts in the Fonts folder into the C:windowsfonts folder.

Because the "longhorn.theme" theme file is not available in the Longhorn visual style file installation package, the XP system is unrecognized, which requires the help of "UxTheme Multi-patcher" to modify the "C:windowssystem32" The "Uxtheme.dll" file achieves the purpose of using a third-party style file. (because "Uxtheme.dll" is a system file, it is recommended that you manually back it up before you change it.) Download "UxTheme multi-patcher" V4.0 version of the program to the local, follow the instructions, the installation of the last system will pop up the Windows File Protection dialog box, click the "Cancel" button to end the modification.

After you restart your computer, on the desktop, go to the Appearance option of display properties by using the right key property. You can see the newly added "Longhorn" style under Windows and buttons, because the "Longhorn" style default "Segoe UI" font is more obscure when displaying English characters, suggesting that you select "Tahoma" or "Arial" under "Font size". Click "OK" to exit, finally enter "C:windowsresourcesthemeslonghornwallpaper" will vista Beta1 Bliss theme Wallpaper Manually set to the desktop background, the system interface becomes the Vista style interface.

  Step Two: Replace the system icon and system style

  Required Software:

Vista inspirat Shell Pack (download address:

Vista's system icon has a lot of changes than XP, more delicate, more textured. In the system operation style, Vista is also much more gorgeous than XP, such as: Click on the icon after the dynamic effect, window shadow and other effects of customization. These effects can be simulated using the software "Vista Inspirat Shell Pack" To download the "Vista Inspirat Shell Pack" V1.1 version of the installation files to the local computer.

When you restart your computer after installation, you discover that the system style interface has become the "Vista" theme style of "Vista Inspirat Shell Pack" with its own white hue. If you don't like it, use the "Longhorn" style in "Display Properties" as described above.

At this point, all the transformation work is over. After beautification of the system in the interface, System icons, icon Click Dynamic, Landing interface, translucent menu style, etc. can simulate the style of vista.

  A few notes:

First, "Vista Inspirat Shell Pack" In addition to the simulation of Vista system style, but also with the Apple operating system of the famous dynamic toolbar, very beautiful, of course, many features, the toolbar icon connection can be arbitrarily changed, just use the mouse to drag and drop on it. You can change the toolbar to a more practical style by using the dock Setting "Theme" "Load Dock Theme" "Default". You can display the current time, weather, current running program, and so on. Though small spite, the toolbar in the display of the current running program, even word, Photoshop and other work interface thumbnails can be displayed, is considered very thoughtful. But the drawback is that "objectdock" reading the weather information often occurs when reading failed.

Two, Vista style "Window Shadow", "icon click Dynamic," Dynamic Toolbar "and other effects although very gorgeous, but to a certain extent, affect the speed of the system, do not need to be through the" Start "menu of the program group will" ObjectDock "" Ubericon "" Y ' Z Shadow "and other items are disabled.

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