December Brush Title Summary

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All kinds of being slaughtered ... Learning things slow ...



    • Sam
      • "Spoj" 7258. lexicographical Substring Search (suffix automaton)
      • "Spoj" 1812. Longest Common Substring II (suffix automaton)
      • "Bzoj" 2555:substring (suffix automaton)
      • "Bzoj" 3172: [Tjoi2013] word (suffix automaton)
      • "Wikioi" 3160 longest common substring (suffix automaton)
    • Lcp:
      • "Bzoj" 1014: [JSOI2008] Martian prefix (splay+hash+ II +LCP)

Calculate geometry:

    • Convex package and its expansion:
      • "POJ" Beauty Contest (rotating jam)
      • "Bzoj" 1069: [SCOI2007] Maximum land area (convex hull + rotating jam)
    • Other:
      • "POJ" Triangle (pick theorem)


    • Balance Tree:
      • "Bzoj" 3053:the Closest M Points (kdtree)
      • "Bzoj" 2648:sjy pendulum piece & 2716: [Violet 3] Angel Doll (Kdtree)
      • "Bzoj" 3223:tyvj 1729 literary Balance tree (splay)
      • "Bzoj" 2329: [HNOI2011] Brace repair (splay+ special tricks)
      • "Bzoj" 2209: [Jsoi2011] Bracket sequence (splay)
      • "Bzoj" 1251: Sequence Terminator (splay)
      • "Uoj" "UR #2" pig man again battle bracket sequence (splay/greedy)
    • Dynamic Tree:
      • "Bzoj" 3669: [Noi2014] Magical forest (lct+ special Tricks)
      • "Bzoj" 1180: [Croatian2009]otoci & 2843: Polar Travel Agency (LCT)
    • Segment Tree:
      • "Bzoj" 3673: Can be persisted and checked by Zky & 3674: Can be persisted and checked with the enhanced version (can persist line tree)
      • "Bzoj" 1798: [Ahoi2009]seq Maintenance sequence Seq (line segment tree)
      • "Bzoj" 3339:rmq Problem & 3585:mex (segment tree + special Tricks)
    • And check the set:
      • "Bzoj" 3319: Black and White tree (and check set + special tricks/-tree chain split + line tree)

Divide and Conquer:

    • "Spoj" 1825. Free Tour II (point division)
    • "Bzoj" 2152: Cong Cocoa (Point division)
    • "Bzoj" 1468:tree (Point Division)
    • "Bzoj" 1176: [Balkan2007]mokia (CDQ Division)
    • "Bzoj" 1492: [NOI2007] Currency exchange cash (CDQ division)


    • Arithmetical:
      • "Bzoj" 1441:min (Bezout theorem)
      • "Bzoj" 2818:GCD (Euler function/Möbius)
      • "cf490" D. Chocolate (prime theorem)
      • "cf492" E. Vanya and Field (expanding Euclid)
    • Matrix multiplication:
      • "Bzoj" 2875: [Noi2012] random number generator (matrix multiplication + fast multiply)
    • Game theory:
      • "Bzoj" 2463: [Zhongshan Select 2009] who can win? (game theory)

Dynamic Planning + recursion:

    • "Bzoj" 1055: [HAOI2008] Toy name (DP)
    • "Bzoj" 1097: [POI2007] Tourist Attractions ATR (spfa+-like pressure DP)
    • "Bzoj" 1049: [HAOI2006] sequence of numbers (lis+ special tricks)
    • "Bzoj" 1089: [SCOI2003] Strict n-ary tree (recursive + high precision/fft)
    • "Bzoj" 1090: [SCOI2003] string folding (DP)
    • "Bzoj" 2435: [Noi2011] Road construction (tree DP)
    • "Bzoj" 1079: [SCOI2008] Coloring scheme (dp+ special tricks)

Graph theory:

    • Network flow:
      • "Bzoj" 1070: [SCOI2007] repair vehicle (cost flow + special skills)
      • "Bzoj" 1189: [HNOI2007] Emergency evacuation evacuate (two points +bfs+ network flow)
      • "Bzoj" 2929: [Poi1999] Cave climbing (max.)
      • "Bzoj" 1458: Soldiers occupy (Upper and lower bounded network stream)
      • "Bzoj" 1927: [Sdoi2010] Star Racing (binary chart + fee flow)
    • Connectivity:
      • "Bzoj" 1098: [POI2007] office Building Biu (complement map +bfs+ linked list)
      • "Bzoj" 1179: [Apio2009]atm (TARJAN+SPFA)


    • "Bzoj" 3709: [Pa2014]bohater (greedy)
    • "Bzoj" 2802: [Poi2012]warehouse Store (greedy)


    • "Bzoj" 1082: [SCOI2005] Fence (two points +dfs)
    • "Bzoj" 3781: Small B's inquiry (Mo team algorithm)
    • File management for "Bzoj" 3289:mato (Mo Team algorithm + Tree array)
    • "Bzoj" 2038: [2009 Country Training team] small Z socks (hose) (combination count + probability + MO team algorithm + chunking)
    • "cf489" D. Unbearable controversy of Being (violence)
    • "cf492" D. Vanya and computer Game (two points)

Some of CF's questions (was badly slaughtered):

    • Konjac konjac cultivation of CF Purple name program

December Brush Title Summary

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