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Gifted readers, happy egg! It's Christmas again, according to past practice (as it seems every year) we're going to be giving out benefits on Christmas Day! Design material. Soon to the new year, to the Spring Festival, whether you work in the technology company, or the electricity business site, I am afraid to take the year-end prize before the hard busy? Hope we provide you with the design of the circle material can help you reduce pressure, improve efficiency, reasonable lazy, OH also!

Similar to the past, this time the design circle contains a variety of materials, widely used, there is always a suitable for you! Beautiful Web fonts, practical Web applications, fastest a OH-yeah page template, which is useful.

1. Frameless

Frameless is a designer and developer tailored browser, the use of the environment is iOS8. It can help you easily and quickly preview the design prototype on the iOS device, use gesture to view the browsing history or call the keyboard, support more finger gestures and shake operations. These advanced features can be disabled or turned on in the settings. Most importantly, it also supports Framer Studio, which lets you quickly preview HTML prototypes.

2. Paymentfont

Paymentfont is an SVG-formatted Web page font that includes the mainstream payment service icon, totaling 74. Designers who often deal with foreign demand parties should be very much in need of this.

3. Fontspiration

Fontspiration is an iOS poor-baby app that helps you find the typography design inspiration. You can browse creative typography, look for fonts, and create fun animated and GIF and even video.

4. SVG Loaders

If your Web page needs to cope with a variety of screens and resolutions, using SVG-formatted images is a very reliable tool. This small vector file can be a good response to screen size requirements, and SVG loaders is born under this demand.

5. Droidcon

Droidcon provides you with more than 1600 custom icons, and with this tool you can easily plug in your app with a variety of icons. It contains 25 social services icons, which are processed and can be invoked directly. Other icons You can customize according to your needs, color, transparency and even details can be adjusted.

6.100 Line/Fill wind icon

A group of beautiful small icons, including lines and fill two different styles, mainly using the AI and EPS format, one to help you get rid of 2 styles Oh!

7. Material up

Material up is a set of reliable Material design style ui/web Material library, a variety of screenshots content rich, give you unlimited inspiration!

8. A set of CSS progress bars

A variety of different colors of the beautiful progress bar, flat wind, including progress bar percentage identification, which style and color can be customized, whether it is a professional website or blog can be used to dazzle a bit oh!

9. Four Shadows

Four Shadows can help your icon to generate shadows over time, the shadow changes will correspond to the clock, not the public demand, but quite a feeling.

Lamp Post Banner mockup

This is a prototype for displaying posters and banner, and you can use it to view the visual effects of your own design posters and works placed on a lamppost ad.

Hanno ' s Playbook

Hanno ' s Playbook showcases the work flow of the designer of Hanno's design, which is a rare experience for designers and design organizations.

Beautiful Maps

It collects antique maps from around the world, covering a variety of terrain, cities, villages, oceans, and so on. You must know how to use this rare material.

Social Icons

As the name suggests, this group of materials is 56 social services icon material. It includes EPS, PDF, and svg three vector formats, and each icon is saved separately as a transparent PNG format containing 64x64 and 128x128 two dimensions.

UI Tab Editor

This UI tab editor can help you edit UI interfaces, customize icons, add rows or columns, hover effects, generate interactive tabs, adjust colors, and more.

Summer UI Kit

Like summer, this UI kit incorporates a variety of warm, refreshing colors to add a touch of smart colors to your winter UI!

16. Web Style Guide Resources

The name of this group of resources has been very reverse-day ... This set of resources contains a wealth of web page style guides related to articles and experience sharing as well as material to help you create better and more systematic Web style guides!


Blocs is an app on a Mac platform that can help you create a modern, responsive, static Web site, and most importantly, you don't have to write code. It is mainly based on the Bootstap 3 platform, you can call Google's Web page fonts, but also support the retina screen!

18. Free UI Kit Resources

This is a flat interface toolkit, PSD format for easy editing calls. Beautiful and easy to use, download it!

Margot Free Font

Margot is a very attractive group of English font family, rich in expressiveness, character, size and weight, whether used in print or on the Web page, are very beautiful!

Baron Free Font

Unlike Margot, Baron fonts are more personalized, inspired by the classic sans-serif, but Baron more modern. This font has many different weights and sizes and is ideal for use in posters and headings.


Ocean is an emerging designer exchange community, sharing works and exchanging ideas. No dribbble invitation code? Come here and play!


Zion is a set of icons designed specifically for Mac OS X Yosemite. Lack of pretty consistent icons? Reference Zion icon set Try it! is a unique photography and work sharing community that brings together a large number of mature and emerging photographers and designers, very well.


Atomic is a UI design software that includes built-in prototyping tools and other combination tools. Tired of PS, try this!

Merry Icons

Since it is the dry goods of Christmas, then how all need material point Han? This set of icon set is to Han with the clatter! A full range of Christmas theme element icons, complete in format, including AI, EPS, PSD and PNG, and PNG image icon also contains 4 sizes!

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