Decoding the dongle's Vinda software Inventory Valuation 2008

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My father always let me crack this software, because the official web download is not registered version, some functions such as report printing is limited use, he used to be troublesome, and buy a dongle to 2000 oceans, this time finally hollow home to break.

Open the software run look at the Print Report function is gray, directly think of enablemenuitem this function,

So the direct BP EnableMenuItem, in the program also found this function call, such as

But no matter how the changes are still gray. The search software also found no strings with unregister.

After borrowing a dongle, several tests found that the dongle only did the verification of registration, without the complex protection of the skeleton code. The application and its communication must pass the Createfilea function, which is broken under this function.

The discovery application is open this file and hardware communication, this part of the function is in the Ft_et99_api.dll, about the application and the dongle hardware communication code and the application and the hardware to interact (hardware binding, application and hardware communication) article described in the similar, Follow this part of the code back, and finally find the code as shown in

See "WG", "YG", this is not "bought", "purchased" abbreviation. When the software is just opened, it appears as

Then change the value in [EAX] in the decision condition to 1 to open the software

This is expected, but does the software's limited functionality also be judged by [EAX], then run to see

The result is really, then relaxed, modify the code, OK

Decoding the dongle's Vinda software Inventory Valuation 2008

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