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1. How to read chm files

If your IE cannot open the chm file directly, please

Download a CHM decompilation tool (

After that, you can decompile your chmfile into A. htm webpage file.

2. compile your HTML webpage

The CHM file is a "Compiled HTML file" and is a Microsoft Help file. hlp is upgraded. It uses open HTML to make help files more exciting and practical. More and more e-books use the CHM format. However, it is rarely known that it is used on the home page. Because CHM is the same as IE, you can use IE to directly access the files contained in the CHM file without opening the "help" window. For example, in the "run" column of Win98 (default installation directory), type "mk: @ MSITStore: C: \ WINDOWS \ Help \ windows. chm:/default.htm ", Windows Help System will be opened in the browser.

Let's analyze the above address: "mk: @ MSITStore:" is like "http: //", indicating the type of the file to be accessed, while "C: \ WINDOWS \ Help \ windows. chm is undoubtedly the location of the CHM file. The final "/default.htm" is the internal file name contained in the CHM File. ":" is only a separator. In this case, will the CHM file be successfully uploaded to the server? After my experiment, you only need to change the file location, and the absolute path and relative path are acceptable! So what are the benefits of applying CHM on the personal homepage?

Iii. Advantages of CHM

1. Reduce the file volume for convenient management. For sites with partial text information, CHM has a prominent advantage-a greater compression rate than WinZip! If we create a CHM file for each topic on the home page, it is very convenient to use FTP or Web upload for maintenance because the number of files is reduced! You can only use the Web-based upload methods. You can rest your wrist and enjoy yourself :-)

2. Break Through file restrictions. The CHM format can contain not only HTML files, but also any files. Today, the free personal homepage always limits this limit. Even EXE files cannot be directly uploaded. You can easily use CHM!

3. Eliminate ads. Providers of free personal homepage space tend to place advertisements on your homepage. This is understandable, but some are too much: a page jumps out of an advertisement window, or an advertisement is embedded into your webpage, completely undermine your elaborate design; and when you use CHM files, the server only knows that you are accessing a binary file, so it won't be messy, don't believe you go to Chinese Yahoo ( try!

4. Accelerate access. If a topic is a CHM File, your visitor will be pleasantly surprised to find that, except for the first slow access, the subsequent access will be like the website on the hard disk. In fact, after the first visit, the CHM file is downloaded to the IE cache, and the subsequent access is simply reading the hard disk, which makes the visitor feel that your website is very stable.

There are no perfect things in the world, and the CHM file format also has drawbacks: Even if you only access one of the CHM files containing files, IE will download the entire CHM file, which leads to slow access for the first time. Currently, there are only two solutions: one is to split the content and use a smaller CHM File (we recommend that you do not exceed 50KB to take care of friends who are on the dial-up Internet ), for example, each topic or topic corresponds to a CHM File. Second, the CHM File is pre-downloaded on the previous page.

4. Create a CHM File

For tools for making CHM files, we can use Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop (HHW) or eText Wizard (Electronic Document processor, EW) of Guohua software studio ). HHW in VB, VC and other development tools CD are available, you can also go to the Microsoft Site to download the latest version, huajun Software Park ( There is a Chinese version. EW is the software developed by Chinese people, it is convenient to use, for, here we take HHW as an example.

Assume that the home page is stored in the C: \ testdirectory, with an index.html file, which can be used to link to all other files.

1. open the HTML Help Workshop, click the "File> New" menu (or click the first button in the toolbar), and in the "New" dialog box, select "Project", and press "OK ", create a project.

2. the dialog box in this step provides the conversion from *. hlp to *. chm file. We do not need to directly press "Next" here ".

3. the dialog box in this step requires you to specify the location of the project. Click "Browse" to enter the C: \ test directory, and type "test" in the file name. Then, "C: \ test" appears in the text box. hlp, and then click "Next ".

4. In this step, select the file type you have created for the project. Here we select the third "HTML files(.htm )".

5. Now you need to Add the HTML file we have created. Press "Add" and select "C: \ test \ index.html" to Add it to the list box. Description: objects that must be directly or indirectly linked to the index.html file will be included. Therefore, not all files will be added! Click "finish.

6. Click "File> Compile ..." (Or the third button in the toolbar). In the "Create a compiled file" dialog box, click "Compile ".

7. Test

Double-click the generated C: \ test. chm, right-click the page, select "properties" from the menu, and copy the "Address" in the "properties" dialog box (it should be mk: @ MSITStore: C: \ test. chm:/index.html ). Paste the above address into the address bar of the browser. If it is correct, press enter to view the correct page in the browser.

V. Online publishing

1. Upload test. chm to the personal homepage space, which is assumed to be a

2. Change the address to mk: @ MSITStore:

3. Apply for a free domain name to the and point it to the address above.

4. Use a browser to access the requested free Domain Name. Check that the domain name is successfully accessed.

I believe that you have tasted the joy of success following the strict steps above. However, the above method turns the entire website into a CHM File. What if we only want to make one of the columns into a CHM file? This requires a relative address. Let's assume that our website has a "joke" column. We have made it joy. chm and put it under the same directory as the home page file. Then we need to make the following changes to the Home Page:

Link changed to: Wonderful joke

Add the pre-download Tag:


Note: If the file size is smaller than 50 kb, you can leave it empty.

We hope that the CHM file will make your webpage more exciting!

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