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Decompress the cpio file and decompress the cpio file cpio-idmv <filename. cpio can also decompress the imgfile: cpio-idmv <filename. imgcpio BACKUP command backup: cpio-covB> [file | device] Back up data to a file or device to restore: cpio-icduv <[file | device} restores data to the system. Common parameter:-o: copy data to a file or device-I: restore data from a file or device to the system view the file or device content created by cpio-c: A new portable format storage-v: display the file name B During the backup process on the screen: Increase the preset blocks size to 5120 bytes. The default value is 512 bytes. This will speed up the backup.-d: automatically create a directory, in this way, the path will not be found during restoration-u: Update, overwrite the old file cpio with a newer file, and f This archive is used by ind in combination with oracle, so we have to record it. # Gunzip file name .cpio.gz # cpio-idmv <file name. cpio # cpio-idvm <aix_oracle817_32_Disk1.cpio cpio: 0511-903 Out of phase! Cpio attempting to continue... cpio: 0511-904 skipping 124796 bytes to get back in phase! One or more files lost and the previous file is possibly too upt! Cpio: 0511-027 The file name length does not match the expected value. # man cpioc Reads and writes header information in ASCII character form. if a cpio archivewas created using the c flag, it must be extracted with c flag. add the parameter c and you will be OK. Cpio-idvmc <aix_oracle817_32_Disk1.cpio Source

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