Decrypt the latest features in Windows Vista 5270 (2)

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In a time limit setting, you can use a time table to plan the allowed/blocked time. So you can set up a schedule for your kids to access the network.

The game settings allow you to determine what games children can play, by ESRB rank or by using a specified block/Allow list.

So, when these settings are in effect, using a limited account to access a restricted URL, ie 7 will not let you visit, and will also tell you why not access.

Third, super prefetch technology improvement

The incredible feature Microsoft once preached is super fetch (which we'll be translating into Super prefetching, hereinafter referred to as SF), which provides memory buffering and performance enhancements with USB storage, see article: Superfetch:windows Memory Caching Gets Intelligent.

SuperFetch can discover programs that users run most frequently and automatically load them into memory. For example, if users run Outlook and PowerPoint every day, and if they have enough memory, Windows Vista loads the software at startup. If other users often use Excel, Adobe Photoshop,windows will also automatically load them.

In 5270, the SF was finally opened, but it was also improved than it was announced earlier. Shanen Boettcher, senior director of Microsoft's client department, said: "We talked about a feature called Super Fetch in October, but we took a step further in the December CTP." We now support any use of extensible memory that can be plugged into a computer USB, so you can insert an extended hard drive and use it as an extended memory for super Fetch. Capacity can be from 1G to 80G, which is a great way to improve performance and leverage this new technology.

When you plug in a USB-based storage device, such as a USB disk, you can see an AutoPlay dialog window appear, and note the "Speed up my system Use this device" title, which means "speed my systems with this device." If you choose this option, you have a compatible USB storage device (for example, based on USB 2.0 and a certain performance requirements), part of your device will be dedicated to the system, of course, this capacity allocation is determined by yourself. Then, this part of the space can no longer be used unless it is later formatted or banned from use by the system.

This feature also has an additional warning that the device must have at least 64M of free space in addition to the above performance requirements.

A big problem is this feature work? Although the 5270 includes some performance improvements, it is still fairly scarce for Paul's installed system. Paul is equipped with a USB device for his tinkpad T43, which features a dedicated user, but there is no fundamental difference.

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