Decrypting an ASP with Ms Script encode encryption

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Microsoft's Scripting Encoder (SCRENC). EXE) is a tool that Microsoft provides to encode and encrypt ASP script source code. By using this tool, application developers reach the source code that web hosts and web customers cannot view or modify. For more information about SCRENC.EXE, please refer to the author's article "Encrypt the ASP Script source code". In some cases, if we forget to do the source backup, it can no longer be processed, modified. How can you get the code back?
Here, we provide a decryption software (Zwdecode. EXE need this software, please refer to, use this tool to decrypt the ASP file that is encrypted by Ms Script encode, and restore the source code.
For example, you can put code similar to the following:
<script language=jscript.encode>
#@~^qwiaaa==@#@&0; MDKW p7ndb0zzkd.n1yamghk+dvb ' @#@&p,kw ' uc7klldgdcl22gl:n~{' P3~dymc*inz&r @*^#~@
Revert to:
<script language=jscript>
function Verifycorrectbrowser () {
if (navigator.appname = = "Microsoft Internet Explorer")
if (Navigator.appVersion.indexOf ("5.") >= 0)
return (true);
return (false);
function Getappropriatepage () {
var str1 = "Had This been the actual Web site, a page compatible with";
var str2 = "browsers other than";
var str3 = "Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0";
var STR4 = "would have been loaded.";
if (Verifycorrectbrowser ())
document.write (str1 + STR3 + STR4);
document.write (str1 + str2 + str3 + STR4);
Zwdecode. EXE is a command tool that runs in DOS Promapt, and the following is a syntax explanation for the program:
Decrypt the ASP file that is encrypted by Ms Script encode, and make it revert to source code.
Zwdecode Inputfile outputfile
Inputfile is required. The name of the file to be decrypted, including any required path information relative to the current directory.
OutputFile is required. The name of the output file to generate, including any required path information relative to the current directory.
This program can only be used to recover your own lost source code program, not for other purposes. For security reasons, do a backup before decrypting.

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