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have been puzzled with a few professional nouns, today is not easy to read the. NET video, can be a good summary.

I. about several concepts in. Net

The ①,. NET framework is used to secure applications. Detailed Baidu on the commentary.

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BCL : This is a piece of functionality about the design of a class.

CLR : It is about the language function of the program development.

②,. NET is a development platform.

. NET with the . NETFramework relationship is one. NET application is an application that executes on the. NETFramework.

. NET composition

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One. NET application is an application that is written using the. NETFramework class Library and executes on the common Language runtime when the common language executes.

The relationship between ③,. NET and Software

. NET is Microsoft's next-generation technology platform, and program apes develop software on this platform.

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On the whole, the. NET platform is used. NETFramework. And the software developed on the. NET platform uses the. NETFramework stuff.

Ii. on the framework and architecture

A framework is a reusable design of a whole or part of a system that is represented as a set of methods for interacting between an abstract component and a component instance; There is also a definition to feel. Frameworks are application skeletons that can be customized by application developers. The former is from the aspect of application and the latter is the definition given in terms of purpose.

To be able to say, a framework is a reusable design component. It prescribes the architecture of the application (I think the framework is a reusable design for the whole or part of the system).

Architecture (software architecture) is a series of related abstract patterns (in fact I understand that design patterns are applied). Designed to guide all aspects of a large software system

For example: the development software is compared to building a house, architecture is the blueprint of the house. The frame is the design of one of the windows. And this window style, can be used in several rooms.

Maybe I'm not in a position to understand the above. Hope that through the next study, to strengthen.

Decrypting. Net

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