Dede backstage Login and return to login interface what to do

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Dede backstage Login and return to login interface ... Online said data and other folders have write permission, tried several methods are not!

In fact, the most likely reason is the permissions of the Data folder. You can use FTP to see whether the permissions of the data file is 775, that is, all have a readable writable executable permission. Remember to change the permissions of the data file and the permissions of the sessions folder to 777, with 8UFTP software to go in, right-click to change the file attributes!

After modifying these, remember to use Firefox or a browser to log in again to see, 360 and IE remember to clear the browser cache. The first step is the most important.

If the above two steps are not working, empty all files except index.html in sessions. Remember to back up the next Oh!

. After logging in, some people may go in the second time when the situation sessions the following file, more trouble, you can try to use the domain name/background path/ Index.php, (remember in front of your website) so directly login, or go in to re-establish an administrator account, with the new management account login to solve the problem Oh!

If the problem is not resolved and returned to the landing screen, contact our technical staff for free to help you diagnose

Dede backstage Login and return to login interface what to do

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