DedeCMS has four most important types of tables, and dedecms has four types of tables _ PHP Tutorial.

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The four most important types of DedeCMS tables are dedecms. DedeCMS has four most important types of tables. dedecms has four types of table columns (categories): dede_arctype (dede database designers think: no matter what data you store (software, products, movies ..) dedeCMS should be the most important four types of tables and dedecms four types of tables.

Topic (category): dede_arctype (dede database designer thinks: no matter what data you store (software, product, movie...) should belong to a certain topic (type ))

Content Master Table: dede_archives (the Zhimeng database designer believes that all content pages will have the same field)

Content attachment table dede_addonXXX)

Topic Model: dede_channeltype (the Weaver dream database designer believes that no matter what data, it should be a channel (model ))

(The secondary development of DEDECMS mentioned by Han Shunping)

What is the difference between Category 5 watches and Category 4 watches?

Currently, there are no four categories-category 1. that was the classification of light industry in 1990s.

Brand manufacturers have undergone drastic changes.

In dedecms, what is the primary table and what is an additional table?

In dede, the primary table is dede_archives. for example, if the first partition of your data table is changed, replace dede with the former partition of your own table. the additional tables of different models are generally named as follows: dede_addon + model name, for example, "dede_addonarticle", "dedede_addonimages", and "dede_addonimages". the names of other tables also have meanings, for example: dede_flink is a table of data related to links, and dede_member is a table that stores data related to members, and so on. Having more time to look at the structure of these tables is actually regular and understandable.

Category column (category): dede_arctype (dede database designer thinks: no matter what data you store (software, product, movie...) should be...

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