Dedecms list page title optimization method-seo Optimization Method

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Dedecms list page title Optimization Method
① After dedecms acquiesce device. The document HTML is stored in the "A/" directory, in "system settings"> "system fundamental parameters" in the background, we can change the HTML document's default storage path to the root directory. A "/" can be used directly.
② The method for the content page to be acquiesced should be as follows: http: // website domain name/A/webbase/Dreamweaver/2010/0407/57.html. This URL level is too deep, which is not good for Seo, under our demand correction, I usually changed to: http: // website domain name/topic title/Digital id.html, for example: http: // www. ***. COM/changshi/1.html. On the Panel for adding or correcting columns, modify the article naming rule to {typedir}/{aid+.html, {y}/{m} {d}/(this is the year/month/day ). If your column level is already deep, we suggest you put all the article pages in a directory and set the rule to news/author aid+.html. This rule can be customized. If you think it is good for Seo, you can do it.
③ Set the. htaccess file and set the. htaccess301 redirection Method for 301 with WWW without www.
Ii. Optimization of the Mata information in the webpage header. This is mainly for correction of the webpage Title Tag. Home page: Enter the title information of the home page in "system settings"> "system basic parameters. However, a title will affect other pages. Topic Page :. The first tag is the title of Nanchang Seo that calls the topic, and the name of the Home Page Link is changed to the title of the website. Effect: "topic _ website title ". This title label is also used for the cover template. Article Page: effect: title of the article _ TOPIC name of the Article _ website title, which is called using an intermediate SQL statement.

First, optimize the list title. The title of dedecms's default second-level column page is displayed in the form of "first-level column name/second-level column name_website name". It looks very uncomfortable, especially the "/" in the middle. According to Baidu's Seo guide, this is obviously unfriendly. We need to change it to "second-level column name _ first-level column name _ website name". The following shows the implementation method:

Method 1: directly modify the template. This method is effective for level-2 directories. If you have a level-3 directory, you need to use the second method.

<Title> {Dede: Type} [field: typename/] {/Dede: Type }_{ Dede: field. title runphp = 'yes'} $ Ta = '1'; $ TB = '/'; $ Tc = @ me; $ TD = Split ($ TB, $ TC ); @ me = $ TD [$ Ta-1]; {/Dede: field. title }_{ Dede: Global. pai_webname/} </title>

Method 2: modify the configuration file

1. Exchange top-level and second-level columns for search:
Open \ include \ typelink. Class. php and search

Original ??? $ This-> valuepositionname = $ tinfos ['typename']. $ this-> splitsymbol. $ this-> valuepositionname;

Change to $ this-> valuepositionname = $ this-> valuepositionname. $ this-> splitsymbol. $ tinfos ['typename'];

2. Change "/" "_":

Find \ include \ arc. listview. Class. php and search

Original $ this-> fields ['title'] = ereg_replace ("[<>]", "/", $ this-> typelink-> getpositionlink (false ));

Change? $ This-> fields ['title'] = ereg_replace ("[<>]", "_", $ this-> typelink-> getpositionlink (false ));

Content page title Optimization Method

Dedecms is the default content page title, which is the title of the article + website name. My current optimization is to add the second-level directory name between the article title and website name. The implementation method is very simple, you only need to modify the title in the template:

<Title> {Dede: field name = 'title'/}-{Dede: field name = 'typename'/}-{Dede: global name = 'cfg _ webname'/} </title>

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