Deep Blue dictionary conversion version 1.3 released-enhanced the word phonetic function

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"Deep Blue dictionary conversion" is a dictionary conversion program that I wrote in my spare time. It enables mutual conversion between user lexicon and Network Dictionary (cell dictionary) of various input methods.

Currently, the following input methods are supported:

PC end:

* Sogou pinyin

* QQ pinyin

* Five QQ pens (Chinese characters only)

* Google pinyin

* Sogou five strokes

* Ziguang pinyin

* Pinyin plus

Mobile Terminal:

* QQ phone pinyin

* Baidu mobile phone pinyin

Due to work and personal reasons, the conversion of the deep blue dictionary has not been updated for a long time. during the National Day, the mini-program has been updated in the following versions:

1. enhanced the word phonetic function.

Some word libraries only have Chinese characters but do not have any pinyin words. to convert these words into the ones we want, we will encounter a problem of multi-Tone Words, in my previous version, we used a simple and crude method to deal with polyphonic words. Instead, we directly used a default phonetic note, or simply showed the Pinyin of all polyphonic words to form multiple entries.

Now I have improved the program. By default, I have maintained a multi-tone word dictionary and can automatically find the correct pronunciation of most multi-Tone Words. For example, we have the following dictionary to be converted:

Music is happy
Reconciliation cannot be changed
I want to ride my mounts
Favorite Tibetan books
Nan, who is just a stranger
Bullet and spring
Bank of three
Zeng guofan

Use the 1.3 Deep Blue dictionary to convert the dictionary to the sogou pinyin dictionary interface:

We can see that the correct pronunciation can be found in both "Music" and "happy", whether it is "Bullet" or "Spring.

2. External phonetic dictionary

The above correct phonetic alphabet can be implemented because there is a default polyphonic word dictionary, but this dictionary is not very comprehensive. If you encounter some of the words that are not maintained in it, the system uses the default pinyin, which may be incorrect. For example, we are maintaining a dictionary of various parameters. The contents of the dictionary are:

Sha Shen
American Ginseng
Gao Lishen

Conversion Result:

", Put it in the same directory of the Conversion Program, and then run the dictionary again, the system will use the words in the phonetic library. The format of this phonetic library adopts the txt dictionary export format of sogou Pinyin input method, one line of words. In pinyin.txt, enter the "'hua' qi 'shen flag parameter" and save it. Run the program again to get the expected result:

3. Export directly without displaying the converted result.

When converting a dictionary of a large volume of data, there is a personal problem, that is, displaying hundreds of thousands or millions of entries in the text box below will consume a lot of resources, in fact, this display is not necessary. We can directly export the dictionary after conversion to the hard disk, and reduce the display process.

In the "Advanced Settings" menu, select "export without displaying results:

Then select the dictionary and click "convert" to export the dictionary. :


The 1.3 version is here.

I keep this project open source, you are interested in source code can view, address for

In addition, I have studied the QQ Dictionary (QPYD format). I have not studied it and I don't know how to resolve it. I hope some experts can help me with some advice. If you can export the QQ dictionary, it will be more perfect.

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