Deep into the dot-matrix PKM application series (1) virtual folder function, so that files can be stored wherever they want

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I often don't know where to store files? -- The"Virtual folder"Function to easily solve this problem for you

For example, on the internet, I found instructor Zhang, "70 future generations, how can I break through my career bottlenecks?" I think it is similar to my own situation and inspired. After the copy operation, I really don't know which one to fit? There are no categories such as entrepreneurship and career through "category search. The last step is to create a new category "Entrepreneurship" and put it on the "Plan Management" category. You may also encounter the following situations:

1. Article 1ArticleI don't know where to put it? Create a new one and forget whether it already exists. === Needle PKM, which can be quickly confirmed through "Classification search"
2. It seems that you can put this folder or that folder, but it is really difficult to choose = PKM, providing virtual folders that can be associated with multiple categories at the same time, that is, multi-dimensional classification.
3. This article seems to have been added to favorites, and it does not seem to have been used for full search. Wait for half a day... = PKM to ensure that files of the same name are only collected once.
4. When this folder is out of date, delete it. Where are the useful files to be classified? = PKM, which provides virtual folders. the category is deleted, and the knowledge point is still in! It cannot be categorized for the moment. It will not be sorted until it is in a good mood.

In short, the dot matrix PKM provides functions such as "virtual folders", "multi-dimensional classification", and drag classification, allowing you to put files wherever you want, so you don't have to worry about finding them [Built-in categories include all, unclassified, last three days, and date.]

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