Deep thinking AI released the world's first medical imaging dedicated AI processor "M-DPU"

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March 9, the deep thinking of artificial intelligence CEO Dr. Yang Zhiming at the Gtic conference for the first time released medical imaging AI processor M-DPU and intelligent business AI processor B-dpu, which M-DPU is the world's first medical imaging dedicated AI processor.

M-DPU for advanced medical imaging algorithms and depth learning algorithms to calculate the acceleration, can be a large number of stacked medical images, such as pathological cell scan image, accurate rapid segmentation and intelligent classification, and has a large force, small size advantages, integration of the chip AI module diameter only mm. Based on M-DPU, 90,000 cells can be classified in 100 seconds. B-DPU is mainly used for intelligent recognition, customer positioning and intelligent business Analysis for Smart showroom and unmanned store business scenarios.

At the meeting, Dr. Yang Zhiming also introduced the unique advantages of deep thinking in NLP (Human-computer interaction) and depth learning algorithm compression. He said: "Deep thinking of artificial intelligence is aimed at 989,451 medical institutions nationwide medical devices embedded M-DPU, for medical devices, artificial intelligence brain, and through B-DPU power IoT (Internet of Things) to achieve all things" intelligence ", let AI chip into wisdom medical and intelligent business cornerstone.

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