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The Win7 flagship configures the IIS components and does not need to download the IIS6.0 installation package because the system has it itself. Below the ink dye warm heart to everyone detailed in-depth WIN7 official flagship version of the system configuration ISS components related content.

First, let's take a look at the discrepancy between the IIS you know under the real IIS:

What is IIS

IIS is an abbreviation for Internet Information Services and is a world Wide Web server. Gopher server and FTP server are all contained inside. IIS means that you can publish Web pages, and have ASP (Active Server pages), JAVA, VBScript-generated pages, and some extended functionality.

IIS is a Web services component that includes Web servers, FTP servers, NNTP servers, and SMTP servers for Web browsing, file transfers, news services, and mail delivery, which makes it easy to publish information on the Web.

Specific steps to operate:

1, first in the Win7 flagship system to open the Control Panel, "Program and Function" (in small icon view) or click "Uninstall Program" (in the Category View), in the pop-up window, Click on the left side of the "Turn on or off Windows feature";

2, appear in the Windows Features window, note that the selected items, you need to manually select the required features, the need to install the services are selected, as shown in the figure:

Adding Windows Features

3, after installation, select Start-management tools, open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager options, access to IIS settings;

4, into the IIS7 Control Panel, select Default Web Site, and double-click the ASP option;

5, by default, Win7 flagship version of the ASP parent path in IIS is not enabled, if you need to open the parent path, select true;

6, configure the IIS7 site. Open the folder where ASP files are placed, and click the Advanced Settings option on the right to set up a directory for the Web site;

7, click on the right side of the "edit" binding, the site's port set to 8081 can be.

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