Defeat your opponent with wisdom

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Defeat your opponent with wisdom

In 1984, Yamada, a well-known Japanese player, unexpectedly won the world championship at the Tokyo International marathon invitational competition. When a reporter asked him why he had achieved such an astonishing result, he said this: defeat his opponent with wisdom.

At that time, many people thought that the shortlisted player who ran to the front by accident was playing tricks. The marathon is a physical and endurance sport. It is expected to win the championship as long as the physical quality is good and patient, and the explosive power and speed are still at the second place. It is really a bit hard to win with wisdom.

Two years later, the Italian international marathon invitational competition was held in Milan, the northern Italian city. Yamada one represented Japan in the competition. This time, he again won the world championship. The reporter asked him about his experience.

Yamada has a bad temperament and is not talkative. The answer is still the last sentence: defeat your opponent with wisdom. This time, the reporter did not dig into him in the newspaper, but he was puzzled by his so-called wisdom.

Ten years later, the mystery was finally solved. In his autobiography, he said: before each game, I had to take a taxi to view the line carefully, and draw the conspicuous signs along the way, for example, the first sign is a bank, the second sign is a big tree, and the third sign is a red house ...... In this way, we can draw the final point of the competition. After the competition started, I rushed to the first goal at a hundred meters of speed. After arriving at the first goal, I rushed to the second goal at the same speed. The 40-kilometer competition was easily completed by me as a few small targets. At first, I didn't understand the truth. I set my goal to the flag on the terminal line over 40 kilometers away. As a result, I was exhausted when I ran for more than 10 kilometers, I was intimidated by the distant journey above.

In reality, we do things halfway. The reason is often not that it is difficult, but that success is far away from us. Specifically, we do not give up because of failure, it fails because of burnout. In our journey of life, we have a little bit of wisdom, and we may have less regret and regret in our life.

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