Defect management platform mantis installation and configuration, and defect management platform mantis

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Defect management platform mantis installation and configuration, and defect management platform mantis

Software Description: Mantis is a lightweight open source defect tracking system based on PHP technology. It provides project management and defect tracking services in the form of Web operations. It is functional and Practical enough to manage and track small and medium-sized projects. More importantly, it is open-source and does not have to pay any fees.

Experimental System: CentOS 6.6 _ x86_64

Prerequisites: Firewall and selinux are both disabled.

Tutorial Description: This experiment has a total of 1 host with IP address

1. Install the Basic Environment

1. Install basic software:

yum -y install httpd php php-pdo php-mysql php-gd mysql-server php-mbstring
chkconfig httpd onchkconfig mysqld on

2. Set the time zone:

vim /etc/php.ini----------------------------------->date.timezone = Asia/Shanghai<-----------------------------------service httpd startservice mysqld start

3. Create a database:

Mysql ------------------------------------>
UPDATE mysql. user SET Password = PASSWORD (123456) WHERE User = 'root'; // modify the root Password
Create database mantis; grant all on mantis. * TO mantisuser @ localhost identified by '000000'; // Add the mantis DATABASE User flush privileges; quit

2. Install mantis

1. Download and install mantis:

wget xf mantisbt-1.2.19.tar.gzmv mantisbt-1.2.19 /var/www/html/mantischown -R apache:apache /var/www/html/mantis

2. Open http: // in the browser and enter the correct database information to continue the installation:

3. After the installation is complete, log on:



4. Add traditional Chinese display:

Vim/var/www/html/mantis/config_inc.php -----------------------------------------------------> $ g_default_language = 'Chinese _ traditional'; // Add this line


5. Configure the mail sending function:

Vim/var/www/html/mantis/config_defaults_inc.php mailbox> $ g_administrator_email = 'administrator @ '; // all the email addresses below, all are changed to your own administrator email account $ g_webmaster_email = 'administrator @ '; $ g_from_email = 'administrator @'; $ region = 'administrator @ '; $ g_phpMailer_method = PHPMAILER_METHOD_SMTP; // use SMTP to send an email $ g_smtp_host = 'localhost'; // SMTP server address $ g_smtp_username = 'administrator @ '; // The email account $ g_smtp_password = '2016 '; // account password $ g_smtp_connection_mode = 'ssl '; // set $ g_smtp_port = 25 based on your server; // SMTP Port



Now, the experiment has been demonstrated. Thank you for watching it! If you have any questions, contact QQ: 82800452.

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