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Modify the file size limit when importing mysql. SQL files

Modify related parameters in PHP. ini:

There are three parameters that affect the size of the MySQL import file:

Memory_limit = 128 M, upload_max_filesize = 2 m, post_max_size = 8 m

Modify upload_max_filesize = 200 M. Modify the size that meets your needs,

You can modify two other memory_limit = 250 m post_max_size = 200 m at the same time.

In this way, MySQL can import the. SQL file below MB.


MySQL limits the size of data packets received by the server according to the configuration file.

Sometimes large inserts and updates are limited by the max_allowed_packet parameter, resulting in failure.

View current configuration

show VARIABLES like '%max_allowed_packet%';

Modification Method

1) method 1

You can edit my. CNF (My. ini in Windows) and modify it in the [mysqld] section or MySQL server configuration section. (Add max_allowed_packet = 16 m under [mysqld] to save and restart mysql)

max_allowed_packet = 20M

If you cannot find my. CNF, you can use

mysql --help | grep my.cnf

Find the my. CNF file.

2) method 2

Enter MySQL Server

Run in MySQL Command Line

set global max_allowed_packet = 2*1024*1024*10

Close the connection to the MySQL server and enter.

show VARIABLES like '%max_allowed_packet%';

Check whether max_allowed_packet is successfully edited.



EasyPHP- installed; mantis default account/password: Administrator/root.

Config_defaults_inc.php can be modified to the Chinese interface.

$ G_default_language = 'Chinese _ simplified ';


The following content can be found in config_defaults_inc.php. Directly modify the email configuration in config_defaults_inc.php. The following content is for reference only.

We recommend that you copy the content to config_inc.php.
# Mantis email settings
# --- Email variables -------------
$ G_administrator_email = 'xxxx @ '; # The is the name of the mailbox to be modified.
$ G_webmaster_email = 'xxxx @ ';
# is to change to the appropriate mailbox name.
# The 'from: 'field in emails
$ G_from_email = 'xxxx @ ';
# is to change to the appropriate mailbox name.
# The return address for bounced mail
$ G_return_path_email = 'xxxx @ ';
# is to change to the appropriate mailbox name.
# Allow email notification
# Note that if this is disabled, sign-up and password reset messages will
# Not be sent.
$ G_enable_email_notification = on;
# Select the method to mail:
#0-mail ()
$ G_phpmailer_method = 2; # send an email using SMTP
# This option allows you to use a remote SMTP host. must use the phpmailer SCR limit PT
# Name of SMTP host, needed for phpmailer, taken from PhP. ini
$ G_smtp_host = 'mail 25'; # address of the email server, followed by the port number 25
# These options allow you to use SMTP authentication when you use a remote
# SMTP host with phpmailer. If smtp_username is not ''then the username
# And password will be used when logging in to the SMTP server.
$ G_smtp_username = 'xxxxx'; # email user name
$ G_smtp_password = 'xxxxx'; # password of the mailbox

We recommend that you use SMTP for mail system configuration. Generally, the company has its own email server, which allows the Administrator to open a special mailbox for Mantis.
Note: you also need to configure httpd in the C: \ XAMPP \ apache \ conf directory. conf, open it, search for listen, and change Listen 80 to listen IP: 80. The IP address is the address of your server. Modify PHP. ini to change SMTP = localhost to SMTP = IP, and the IP address is the IP address of your server.
The advantage of this modification is that the link is directly sent by IP address when the mail is sent, rather than by localhost.

Comments $ mail-> smtpkeepalive = true in mantis/CORE/email_api.php;

Configuring mantis without email)
Modify the configuration file. \ mantis \ config_defaults_inc.php
$ G_enable_email_notification = off;

1. log on to mantis as an administrator, create a user, enter the account name and real name, and enter the email address as needed to create a user. However, the user password created at this time is blank, it can be modified by the created user after logging on to Mantis.
2. What if the user forgets the password? The administrator can log on to mantis and choose manage> User Management> Select User> Reset Password. Then, the user's password will be left blank and changed after logon.


Mantis, also known as mantisbt, is a defect management platform called mantis bug tracker.

Mantis is a lightweight open source defect tracking system based on PHP technology. It provides project management and defect tracking services in the form of web operations. It is functional and Practical enough to manage and track small and medium-sized projects. More importantly, it is open-source and does not have to pay any fees.

Configure a mantis step-only applicable to Windows platforms.

1. Download easyphp;

2. Download Mantis;

3. Install easyphp;

4. Find the phpMyAdmin directory under the installation directory of easyphp and copy it to the WWW directory under the easyphp directory;

5. Decompress mnatis and copy it to the WWW directory under the easyphp directory;

6. Restart easyphp;

7. Open your browser and enter http: // localhost/or
Http: //, click


Now we will briefly introduce easyphp and

Easyphp is a perfect combination of APM (Apache/PHP/MySQL. Although Apache/PHP/MySQL is not the latest version, it is the most stable version and can ensure the normal operation of common PHP Web applications. After the installation is complete, you do not need to perform any configuration on your own. You only need to copy the PHP application to the WWW directory.

PhpMyAdmin is a Web-based MySQL management tool, which is simple and practical.

For more details about easyphp, phpMyAdmin, And mantis, visit their official website through the link below.





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MySQL command line to modify the root password:
Mysql> Update mysql. User SET Password = PASSWORD ('new password') where user = 'root ';
Mysql> flush privileges;

Change the root password in the config. Inc. php file under the phpMyAdmin directory.

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