Defend Radish 2 29th 30 31 off Introduction

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"Extra Tasks"

"Defend the Radish 2 29th of the introduction"

1, the Guan has many seven-star Ladybug, has the intense phobia friend please carefully enters. An electric tower attacks the pool first and the other attacks the enemy.

2, there is a slowing of the moon beside, the advantage of the plane is to concentrate on a row.

3, according to the layout of the following figure, of course, some of the same can be passed, after all, not very difficult.

4, golden Radish to the bowl to ~ ~ But actually forget the task of this stubble.

"Extra Tasks"

"Defend the Radish 2 30th of the introduction"

1, with archers first attack next to the props, and so the enemy came, and then attack the enemy.

2, the war from the top down spread.

3, came a big strange, ready to use the tower to meet.

4, the final formation is roughly as follows:

5, as always, golden radish. Well, I didn't finish the extra task.

"Extra Tasks"

In the 25 monster attack to defend the radish from attack, that is, to obtain golden radish.

"Defend Radish 2 Polar Adventures 31st"

1, start the ice pick tower to the top of the elimination of props.

2, build the ice pick tower in the position below and rise to the top, to attack the monster.

3, on the left to build ice pick tower and rise to the top, clear left prop.

4, the right position to build ice pick tower, clear green popsicle.

5, the right side of the turret sold, in the next figure to build ice pick tower, clear green popsicle.

6, the bottom of the ice pick to sell, on the left and right to build an ice pick tower and rise to the top, clear the surrounding props.

7, in the left position to build ice pick tower, increase output.

8. Build the tower and rise to the top in the figure to slow down the monster.

9, the final layout as follows, the remaining ice pick tower to the top can easily pass.

10. Get Golden Radish

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