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If you are upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista, understanding the following information will help you understand the update process and troubleshooting of Vista. Although Vista provides security measures that allow you to restore the previous settings even when a problem occurs during the upgrade process, I personally think that you should back up user data first, install the required application after installing Vista.ProgramThen, restoring the user's personal data and environment settings is still the safest way to upgrade.

$ Windows .~ The BT folder contains the minimum copy of Windows Vista, which manages new system settings and migration files and settings.

$ Upgrade .~ The OS installer collects the original operating system information and stores them in this temporary folder so that they can be applied to the new Windows Vista after the installation is complete.

$ Windows .~ The ls folder contains the image files (WIM format) and temporary files used during the upgrade.

$ Inplace .~ In the first phase of the tr upgrade, user and computer-specific configuration information in the original system is collected and temporarily stored here.

$ Windows .~ Q this folder contains the original Windows installation. If the upgrade fails, it will automatically roll back the installation and remove the newly installed images and files, and restore the original windows from the saved location. After a successful upgrade, these temporary folders are basically deleted. However, $ inplace .~ Tr and $ windows .~ The Q folder will be retained, which can help you restore the files and settings that are not correctly migrated.

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