Delete data from MySQL in bulk

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The company does a Redis-related project where MySQL stores a lot of statistics. such as client-reported data, redis instance data, application data, machine data and so on. Every day in the report, collection, due to the deletion of the regular, data accumulation. About a year or so of data, a table of data has reached billions of levels. In this case, the data for a table is at least dozens of GB. Therefore, it is necessary to delete the outdated data and temporarily retain the statistics for nearly three months.


Basic each table has a field called create_time or Collect_time field, just delete this field three months before the data is OK

Delete  from where < ' 2017-04-06 '

Just execute this sentence of SQL should be able to

Problems encountered:

 Number  of Table inch Mysql

Because the data needs to be deleted is too large, MySQL to the buffer seems to be only about 8MB (online search)

Find the DBA to help look, ask this table built index no

Index  from table_name

By looking at the index, we are indexed on Create_time and Collect_time, and the index type is BTREE,ASC. The MySQL engine we're using here is InnoDB.

Delete  from where < ' 2017-07-06 '  Order  by ASC 10000

Next, I want to use order by + limit to implement the deletion, or the above error occurred

After the dba prompted me to say, why not use ID Delete, say by ID Delete, speed and by index column Delete, not an order of magnitude

Then I thought of splitting it.

Final Solution:

Find the maximum IDs of Create_time and collect_time that match the criteria

Select Max  from where < ' 2017-04-06 '

The data around here takes about more than 10 seconds.

Then delete by ID, delete 10k at a time, loop delete

Delete  from where < 10000

Until the expiration time is deleted.

Here I do not have the MSYQL server permissions, removed through the Java Client connection, using the spring JdbcTemplate this interface

Also, one reason to remove 10k here is that the transaction is too large to affect the operation of other services

The technique used is to use the thread pool to perform the SQL deletion and implement the asynchronous deletion. and colleagues at the time of dinner, colleagues also provide a solution, each time the deletion of a second data, so again and again deleted. Look at the data, a second of the data is basically hundreds of thousands of, about, so it is not very good to control the size of the data volume. or through the primary key ID + limit 10k here secure a bit.

Another thing is, in order to be afraid of the MySQL server, here when the thread pool deleted back to sleep (1000), blocking 1s and then delete, reduce the pressure of MySQL server

Today we got a little bit of data removal, and it feels like MySQL is very deep, like the execution of a select count (*), the process of the SELECT from table_name order by ID limit, the index, the various connections, how the engine works. The time to go is still a little out of tune, tomorrow should be able to handle these.

Delete data from MySQL in bulk

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