Delete textarea carriage return and line feed code

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Delete textarea carriage return and line feed code

Function removeNL (s)
// NewLine, CarriageReturn and Tab characters from a String
// Will be removed and will return the new string

R = "";
For (I = 0; I <s. length; I ++)
If (s. charAt (I )! = 'N' & s. charAt (I )! = 'R' & s. charAt (I )! ='T '){
R + = s. charAt (I );

Return r;

Php Tutorial solution

Use the php function and str_replace to replace the function, such as str_replace ('N', '<br/>'). The problem is that the replacement is not successful and has never been replaced, after a long time, I even began to doubt whether the linefeed in textarea is n. Now I think it is too shaken. In fact, after I replaced n/n separately, I intuitively told myself that I was in a dead end, this is not a way to solve the problem. There must be a fundamental error. Suddenly I thought about whether it would be a single or double quotation mark, so I changed str_replace ('N', '<br/>') to str_replace ("n ", "<br/>"). The light flashed and the replacement was successful.


Line feed (lf or ascii characters 0 × 0a (10 ))

Press enter (cr or ascii character 0 × 0d (13 ))

Horizontal Tab (ht or ascii character 0 × 09 (9 ))


Dollar Sign

Double quotation marks

[0-7] {1, 3}
This regular expression matches a character in the octal symbol.

X [0-9a-fa-f] {1, 2}
This regular expression matches a character in the hexadecimal notation.

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