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Using as a net pick has the advantage of being able to export the data completely, which can be processed and reused. Today I am introducing a program that I developed that can export data and go to the database and convert it to an XML file in RSS. Export is an IE Favorites file, I wrote the program's first function is to this favorite file "conversion to a text database", the first download the file saved as a delicious.html file, and then click "Convert to Text Database" in the program, This collection can be converted to a text database delicious.txt, the maximum length of a conversion is 64K, if more than 64K, it needs to be converted several times.

To a text database, you can use an Access database to import the text file, open the Db2.mdb file, import the data from the text database into the Bookmarks table, and divide the fields into tabs.

You need to convert the date format one at a time, because the date format of the IE Favorites file differs from the normal date format, so you can convert the date format in the database to the usual date format by clicking "Convert Data Date". Date conversion once.

Next, you can use the information converted to the database to make a masterpiece, you can use my previous "Access database to convert MySQL database software" to convert this Access database to MySQL, or use the program inside the "Convert to RSS file" button to convert it to an RSS XML file.

After the conversion is complete, you can use WordPress or Z-blog and so on blog tools to import data directly, so that our inside the data is entirely in our own hands. data conversion to the effect of WordPress, you can refer to my net pick, I use this program to convert my to the WordPress system, we look at, The browsing effect is not much better than the, and you can replace the various templates.

This program is developed using VB, provide all the source code, you can on the basis of additional development, but please do not delete the source code and the interface inside the author information.

Click to download: DEL.ICIO.US conversion to the database program (including source code)

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