Delivering information to users: Feedback tips in the design of mobile phone products

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In product design, "Feedback" is an important interactive feature, it is an interface output, to give users the right to guide information, to help users judge and decision-making. And the form of feedback is multifaceted, visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, positive, negative, are in the delivery of information for the user. Without feedback or poor feedback, the user will only have a negative experience of failure and helplessness.

Sulfur and stupidity are added to the gas in order to provide feedback of dangerous signals through the odor. The subway door sends a drip of alarm before it closes to inform the passenger that the door is about to be closed. It's all about life's ubiquitous feedback.

What we are going to discuss today is the form of feedback that users get in the process of information interaction in mobile products.

1. The need for feedback

In the process of interaction between user and product, the product should have clear and timely prompt and feedback for each behavior of the user, so that the user can obtain the information of the result of Operation action.

If the product does not provide any feedback, then the user will not be able to determine the results of their actions, feedback mechanism is the essential element of product design, it is the user's way forward to the target.

2. Form of feedback

The form of feedback is varied, and the appropriate type of feedback should be selected in different operations of different scenes. And in the handset product should consider the operation area too small is the finger to block the situation, the feedback must be obvious, and present the visual range. The following is an attempt to make a summary of the feedback form in the competitor's product.

2.1 Balloon-like notices

A balloon notification is a small pop-up window that notifies the user of non-critical problems or that the control is in a particular situation.

The information in the image above is used to explain the function of the menu, that is, what the menu item is, is a description of the feedback of the class, stating that the text should be concise, practical, to avoid providing users with the obvious information, need to set a reasonable display time.

The balloon-like notice on the image above is a brief description of the function (or mode) when it is selected, which tells the user what the action is to be performed by selecting this feature, and such feedback notifications will automatically disappear after 3 seconds of general triggering. Feedback of this type is not usually too important because it is easily overlooked by the user.

2.2 Dialog box

dialog box is the most common form of feedback and hint, it exists the value is to arouse the user's high attention.

The feedback in the figure above is a dialog box that is displayed when a user triggers an action and needs to be determined and chosen again, such feedback is generally used in the more important message, the user needs further action. Operation button to be as prominent as possible, to determine that there will be no dead loops and repetitive operation, prompt text to be concise and understandable to reduce the reading pressure on the text.

The feedback on the graph above belongs to the feedback hint of the transition class, which informs the user of the special state of the current interface, tells the user what to do and what the product is doing.

2.3 Button/icon/link down state

button/icon/link pressed, selected feedback effect, in the mobile phone products, the same can not be missing.

In the example above, when a user presses a button or an icon, the background of the button adds a pressed fingerprint, and the background of the icon changes to a high light, which allows the user to see the action immediately and intuitively.

2.4 Voices

Sound can also provide useful auditory feedback to the user, but it should not be the only or primary way of feedback. Because the user's use of the scene may force them to turn off the sound. In particular, the use of mobile phone environment complex and diverse, in the subway, shopping malls and other noisy environment, voice feedback is easy to ignore. At the same time, too much sound feedback can cause audible noise, so sound feedback should not be the primary feedback and allow the user to turn off the sound.

For example, the iphone sent text message after the success of the Beep, press the button on the keypad on the phone when the tone, Sina Weibo information pulled after the success of the beep, background push message prompts and so on, all cleverly used the voice feedback.

2.5 Vibration

Vibration is a form of tactile feedback that allows the user to perceive the feedback and response of the product through touch.

When we move the phone from sound to vibration, the feedback of the sound is turned into a vibrating cue. For example, when a call comes in, when a new message is received, the feedback prompts when the power is plugged into a vibration.

And some products can also set the new message vibration prompts, open this switch, when a new message is delivered when the hint becomes a vibration hint.

2.6 Animation

A smooth animation gives users meaningful feedback to help them intuitively understand the results of the operation.

The example above is a remarkable animation process that lets users know how the operation is performed, throws the clothes into the cart, throws the photos into the trash, and so on, and these images of the animated animation can help the user to clearly perceive the whole process of execution.

The example above applies to long processes that last for many seconds, displaying the waiting process in the form of animation, showing the completed progress, and providing explanatory information when possible to reduce user anxiety.

2.7 Lights

Lighting tips, in some special environments have special applications, such as in the dark place or the user's view is not on the phone screen, the light of the feedback hint to its unique flashing way to attract users attention.

Mobile phone indicators are mostly used in the hint of low power, that is, when the phone is running out of electricity, the light will be flashing red at a certain frequency. And when the charge, the red light is often bright, full of electricity and then become green.

There are also some mobile phone lights used in the reminder function, such as new messages, missed calls, the screen will automatically light up the user prompts.

3. Content of Feedback

3.1 Information

The information of feedback should be concise and practical. Avoid large pieces of text without formatting, and avoid providing the user with the obvious information or just repeating the text on the screen.

The example above can be seen when the user completes the operation to give a clear message to inform the user of the results of the operation.

3.2 Warning

The warning box is used to show users information that has a significant impact on the use of the program.

The warning box appears in the center of the program, overwriting the main program. The appearance of the warning box emphasizes the fact that it is due to a significant change in the state of the program or device and is not necessarily caused by the user's most recent operation.

The warning in the figure above is to inform the user of the status of the current product, requiring user attention. The warning box usually has at least one button that closes the window after the user clicks it. There will always be captions on the warning box, with additional auxiliary information displayed.

3.3 Error

The error is prompting the user to perform a problem or exception and cannot continue.

The example above shows an error in the input information, and the interface gives you an indication of why the operation was interrupted and what was wrong. Error messages should be as accurate and straightforward as possible, and valid error messages should explain the cause of the occurrence and provide solutions to enable users to fix them.

3.4 Confirmation

Confirmation is used to ask the user if they want to continue an operation, to allow the user to further determine and execute the operation, to provide users with a revocable retreat.

The example in the above illustration is to let the user choose and confirm two times for some operations that are more dangerous or irreversible, the user prevents the user from misoperation.

4. Position of feedback

4.1 Status bar

Feedback information in the status bar, because the handset screen is small, the available space is limited, but puts in the status bar is one kind of good space utilization, but this position is not very obvious, the proposal only displays the important degree not high information prompt, like the friend message prompt, the operation result prompts and so on the minor information.

4.2 Navigation Bar

Feedback information in the navigation bar, such prompts are generally the display of the connection status, temporarily replace the contents of the navigation bar as a connection state, indicating that the current product is trying to connect the network pull data. This location is suitable for displaying temporary, more important informational information.

4.3 Above the content area

Feedback tip in the content area above the navigation bar, usually to pull new content, a shortcut to load new information, the default message is hidden, pull down the interface to display the corresponding message, to guide the user to operate. The hints for this location need to be tightly associative with the content.

4.4 Screen Center

Feedback information in the center of the screen, usually for the integrity of the more important information prompts, need to arouse the attention of users, System prompts can be displayed in this location.

4.5 Above the menu bar

Feedback tips In the top of the menu bar, this location is basically unlimited, can be used flexibly, can be a product of the overall information prompts, can also be the bottom of the interface related content tips.

4.6 Menu Bar

Feedback information on the menu bar, where the display of the message is less, because usually the menu bar will be filled with the menu, there will be no location to display the message, can be used in some products with fewer menu items.

4.7 Follow gestures randomly appear

The feedback position randomly appears, according to the gesture or the position of the operation near appears, should pay attention to avoid the hint text to be blocked as far as possible.

5. Time of feedback

The response time rule in the Reference Web page, in general, it is acceptable for users to display feedback in 0.1 seconds. 1 seconds is the user to maintain an uninterrupted flow of thought limit time, if it is more than 0.1 seconds and less than 1 seconds without special feedback, users will be confused.

For long delays, users will want to process other transactions while waiting to complete. So you need to show the time that you want to finish (usually by selecting a progress bar or a percentage), or you can significantly reduce the user's expected value.

6. The design principle of feedback

Provide positive, immediate feedback to all stages of user interaction behavior.

To avoid excessive feedback, so as not to cause unnecessary interference to the user.

Can see the effect in time, operation simple success type hint does not need the feedback.

The feedback provided should allow the user to complete the selection in the most convenient and efficient manner.

Classify status (right/wrong/lift/police, etc.) and make differential design.

Do not interrupt the user's stream of consciousness, give feedback tips to avoid blocking the user may go to see or manipulate the object.

7. Summary

Feedback requires the attention of the user to quickly and explicitly deliver the results of the operation, do not allow users to confuse, especially in the operation of the mobile phone, the product needs to respond to the user's hand gestures, gestures, although fast and lightweight, but without the mouse click the sound of security, but also very limited by the sensitivity of the device screen, so the immediate, Effective operational feedback is very important.

The summary divides if has improper, also invites everybody to treatise together.

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