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How to obtain commercial value from data when deploying hadoop in an enterprise without worrying about how to manage the hadoop software framework. To achieve this, Dell and cloudera jointly launched the hadoop solution cloudera enterprise.

Cloudera enterprise is the fastest way to analyze a large amount of structured and unstructured data using the hadoop release that successfully applies cloudera. By using fully open-source cloudera enterprise technology, you can use existing team experience and cloudera expertise to easily run hadoop systems.

  Efficient and successful running of Apache hadoop

Cloudera enterprise is a subscription service composed of cloudera service and cloudera Management Suite. Cloudera enterprise makes it possible for data-driven enterprises to efficiently run Apache hadoop in the production environment.

The software layer delivers high visibility within the hadoop cluster and between hadoop clusters. cloudera enterprise combines expert support with the software layer, hadoop maintenance personnel are allowed to precisely deploy and manage cluster resources in an efficient manner. Cloudera enterprise also allows the application of business indicators similar to modern IT management (such as measurable service level agreement and refund (Chargebacks) to the hadoop environment for optimal resource usage. Cloudera enterprise's built-in predictable feature can anticipate changes in hadoop infrastructure, helping ensure operational reliability.

  Use cloudera enterprise to enhance confidence

Hadoop has become one of the optional platforms for enterprises to store, process, and analyze structured and unstructured data. However, for any technology deployed in the production environment, installation and activation alone are not enough to ensure the success. At the same time, we must ensure that the right tools are used to manage users and applications that depend on hadoop clusters, monitor and efficiently deploy the hadoop cluster.

Self-Development of these tools within the Organization will significantly increase the cost and complexity of enabling the hadoop cluster to enter the cluster readiness state. Whether building a resource management application to help allocate storage and CPU, or designing diagnostic tools to provide assistance in the pre-setup maintenance and development stages, a large amount of resources and very specific expertise are required.

Cloudera enterprise has solved the above challenges and optimized hadoop running in the production environment. By combining expert support and delivery of transparent management control software, cloudera enterprise can continuously meet or exceed the requirements for service level protocols and run hadoop clusters in the production environment at a pay-as-you-go cost, it can also help you gain other important business advantages. The famous e-commerce website eBay commented: "The management tools delivered by cloudera enterprise meet our important needs for managing hadoop clusters ."

Cloudera enterprise provides the following advantages to help enterprises use open-source hadoop more easily.

? Simplify and accelerate hadoop deployment

? Reduces the cost of using hadoop in the production environment while reducing the risk.

? Ensures continuous and reliable operation of hadoop in the production environment

? Apply the service level protocol to hadoop

? Add control over the deployment and management of hadoop Clusters

  Meet all user needs

The hadoop solution jointly launched by Dell and cloudera addresses all the challenges faced by big data processing, including software, hardware, and services. Cloudera enterprise is based on a Dell poweredge c2100 rack server and a Dell powerconnect 6248 Ethernet switch. These components have been successfully applied to cloud and Big Data deployment.

Dell poweredge c2100 rack servers are designed to maximize space, power, and cost efficiency in data centers, with memory and storage density critical. The Dell poweredge c2100 rack server provides memory and disks for mapreduce, web analytics, databases, and cloud computing environments. The Dell powerconnect 6248 48-port Gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 Switch provides efficient rack density and advanced features for core switching.

In addition, Dell and cloudera work together to provide services and support for big data solutions. Ensure that enterprise solutions are supported by professional software and hardware teams and can be tailored to specific needs.


Cloudera enterprise advantages

As always, the Service Level Agreement is exceeded.

Whether or not your service level Goals consider the normal running time, performance, security, or even quality experience of the cluster, cloudera enterprise can meet all requirements, ensure that the hadoop cluster runs continuously as expected.

Run hadoop clusters in the production environment at a pay-as-you-go cost

Cloudera enterprise can significantly reduce management costs. By increasing the visibility of hadoop clusters and fine-grained system control, enterprises need fewer professionals and can dynamically deploy system resources based on different needs of users and applications, makes management easy and efficient.

Use existing tool sets

Deploying hadoop software stacks using your own management program is not only time-consuming but also expensive. Cloudera enterprise provides all the software and support required for managing hadoop clusters through a simple plug-and-play module. The deployment takes less than one day to effectively manage clusters of any size.

Fast fault resolution

The management software, knowledge base, and expert support of cloudera enterprise and cloudera are at your side. Generally, enterprises can quickly diagnose problems and resolve faults to maximize the system running time. You only need to pay attention to the business.

Cloudera enterprise component
Cloudera Management Suite (CMS)
When hadoop is a shared platform for many applications, you want to have the same management features as other popular enterprise-level technologies. To meet this demand, cloudera provides management tools to help you improve service quality, increase compliance, and reduce management costs. The cloudera management suite includes the following components.

Activity monitor

(Activity monitor)

? Integrate all user activities in a single Real-Time View

? Diagnose user performance

? Tracking activity indicators

Resource Manager

(Resource Manager)

? Report system resource usage

? Develop capacity expansion plan

Authorization Manager

(Authorization Manager)

? Centralized management of users, user groups, and permissions

? Permission management through authorization

Service and Configuration Manager

(Service and Configuration Manager)

? Manage System Services

? Automatically changed.

? Verify settings.

Cloudera support
With the increase in hadoop usage, more groups and applications will be migrated to the production environment, and internal users will expect a higher level of performance and consistency. Cloudera provides support at the production level to meet your needs for professional technical and service response. Cloudera supports the following services:
Flexible Support window Provides 8*5 and 24*7 Support to meet your service level agreement requirements.
Configuration check Verify that the hadoop cluster has fine-tuned your environment
Upgrade and troubleshooting Solving user cases with the highest efficiency
Extensive knowledge base Drawing hundreds of technical documents and technical manuals to enrich your hadoop knowledge
Integration Support Allows you to connect a hadoop cluster to an existing data analysis tool.
Active notification Follow up on the latest developments and events

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