Dell XPS15 Notebook Evaluation

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Dell XPS 15: A minimalist, yet atmospheric fashion design

For rigorous but creative designers, the design that looks like a game-oriented product is clearly not what they want. In this part, the XPS 15 overall design style is simple, the fuselage except the Dell logo and no other decoration, enough atmosphere. And through the precise cutting of the entire anode alumina aluminum produced by the metal shell, matte-gray body to ensure that the fuselage is strong enough at the same time, but also reflects the overall sense of grade.

In terms of the overall shape, the XPS 15 does not take a rounded route, a slightly more square, Hale appearance, and better display of metal texture. Of course, this is not to say that the XPS 15 is completely square, in its Hale appearance and how many have radian design and combine, show elegance and individuality.

Also, thanks to Intel's improved processor technology, it is also smaller in size, making the XPS 15 thin enough for the thickness of the fuselage. In a 15-inch notebook, the XPS 15 has a fairly satisfactory thickness. By comparing it to a dollar coin, the XPS 15 is thinner than the diameter of a dollar coin (25mm), and we can easily put it away in a backpack. As you can see from the MacBook Pro 15 comparison, the XPS 15 is very good in thickness.

Because of its own size and all-metal fuselage, the XPS 15 has a total weight of 2.042kg, travel weight of 2.480kg, such weight is not light, but as a 15-inch notebook, in the same level of products have such a good weight performance is also not bad, In contrast to some of the mobile workstation products currently available, the XPS 15 clearly has a significant advantage in portability.

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