Dell is coming to join us and will release the android mini 3I in just a few months.

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According to TechCrunch, an American technology blog website, sources said on Tuesday that Dell will sell its mini 3I smartphone in the U.S. market in the coming months to share HTC) samsung and Motorola compete for the market for similar Android phones. According to sources, the Chinese version of mini 3I has a low price and a strong sense of plastic, while the American version of mini 3I will be upgraded on this basis, that is, its hardware configuration will be higher than the Chinese version, for example, the US version may configure a 5 million-pixel camera, while the Chinese version may configure a 3 million-pixel camera. In addition, the U.S. mini 3I user interface is similar to that of the Apple iPhone, but the iPhone is thinner than the iPhone.


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Although mini 3I uses Google's Android mobile phone platform, Dell has revised some Android code. As a result, external developers develop applications for the mini 3I ProgramSome New Problems may occur during the process. According to sources, some applications will not work normally on the Dell version Android platform.
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