Dell laptop my WiFi technology usage: as an Internet AP hotspot & Dell laptop Caps Lock key

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(1) What is my WiFi?

Intel's mywifi technology is a technology that extends the functionality of the wireless network module for laptops. My WiFi technology allows users to integrate their laptops with Wireless AP functions, this allows other devices that support wifi to connect to each other and to external networks through the AP function provided by this laptop. For example, a, a mobile phone can connect to a laptop through WiFi to achieve interconnection such as pods; B, as long as the computer with my wifi configuration can access the Internet, other computers can connect to the computer through wireless.
(2) how to use my WiFi

A. First, install the Inter wireless NIC Driver correctly (and confirm that this Nic supports intel my WiFi technology). You can find the Inter wireless Nic Control Center icon in the lower right corner, as shown in:

Right-click the icon in the lower-right corner of the desktop, and the control panel is displayed. You can switch between the wireless function and the mywifi function. Generally, it is enabled first and then enabled.
B. Go to the NIC settings page and select enable to enable my WiFi. Click "configuration" to set my WiFi. On the settings page, you can select "new" to change the name and password of my WiFi. You can keep the default settings for sharing and advanced settings.

C. Select "option" to customize the wireless network card. You can set the IP address of the wireless network card through DHCP, and control the number of connected users through the IP address.
D. After confirming and starting intel my WiFi, the next step is very important to set up sharing. Many people have established hot spots for connection, but the inability to access the Internet is a problem with the configuration of this place. Open Control Panel> network and sharing center> change the adapter settings. Then you can see many network connections. Here you can see the name of the established Wi-Fi network. For example, the name displayed here is "wireless network connection 2 ".

After confirming the above Wi-Fi network name, we began to set up sharing on the local bandwidth. Click broadband connection properties, click the "share" page, and select the name of the Wi-Fi network you just confirmed from the drop-down menu of home network connection, for example:

After the setting is complete, a dialog box is displayed, regardless of whether it is confirmed.

E. Then the network will be shared. If your wireless network cannot access the Internet, set the following steps to enable the network and sharing center, and enable the properties of the wireless network.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and set the IP address. The properties of my computer are as follows. Save my mobile phone and connect to the Internet through PC without modification.

(3) If your mobile phone is connected to IOT platform, you cannot connect to the Internet, or the Internet access speed is slow, you can use the following method to solve the problem: A. Close the WLAN on your mobile phone and enable it again. B. Disable and enable the wireless connection on the computer.

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An exception occurred while using the DELL notebook. When you enter text in lower-case letters, you can press Caps Lock to switch to upper-case letters, however, after the press is found, the entered lower-case letters are activated (resulting in overwriting the entered lower-case letters by any character). By searching online, the solution is finally found. As follows:

Go to the Registry, open the page on the left to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop, select the desktop, and find foregroundlocktimeout on the right, change its value to 30d40 (remember to select the hexadecimal value next to it), and press OK to restart the system.


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