Dell n4010 Notebook How to remove the machine clean ash?

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Dell n4010 Notebook How to remove the machine clean ash?

Female colleagues took the machine today, I look at the machine shell is very dirty, but also said to be lesbians, it seems that units of Dongdong, is not very cherish. I conveniently swept the top of the ash, she felt a little embarrassed, busy said: Has not cleaned up, did not give the computer hygiene.

Take another picture!

First the bottom of the D-shell screws all removed, and then back to C shell, this time, please note that the keyboard F1 at the buckle, non-destructive demolition, is to use plastic screwdriver press down, and then the keyboard to pick up, the other end also has a buckle, the same!

After opening the keyboard, you can remove the optical drive, and remove the heat sink, including the fan! How to dismantle? This one see to understand, which screws to fight, it is obvious, here is not long-winded! Opening the keyboard is the key! You can open the keyboard, the disassembly will be half!

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