Dell optplex 320 cannot install Red Hat Enterprise linux4 Update 4

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Because of the project requirements, our server requires the use of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux4 Update 4 system, so we drew a new Dell OPTPLEX 320 machine as the server, and then the problem came.

This Dell machine was originally pre-installed with Windows XP and provided with a red flag Linux5.0 desktop edition. However, we don't care about this either. We just grabbed the RHEL4 CD and started to install it. The installation took only half a minute. It should be said that we didn't even go into the installation interface. We crashed during the installation initialization detection. So I started to check which red-flag Linux was provided, and it was also a crash. When you call Dell, Dell indicates that the BIOS version is too high, so it cannot be installed (I suspect it is a bug in the BIOS version, otherwise there will be such incompatibility, red Hat is a common release version of Linux ). Ask Dell to help us downgrade and install the BIOS. Dell says they are not responsible.

If you are not responsible, you are not responsible. We can also do such small things. Soon, the BIOS version was successfully downgraded. At this time, the red flag can be installed through initialization detection, but the red hat still cannot pass initialization detection, which is depressing and calls DELL, DELL said he could do nothing. We had to find another way, such as changing the computer or something.

From this point of view, we feel that when we become a brand-name machine in a big company like DELL, we should also test the installation of common operating systems. Such machines should be provided to customers, it will cause a lot of inconvenience. I hope this problem will not happen in future models.

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