DELL2850 about IB110 SBE Log Disabled Error

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Because of the computer room NS firewall Some temporary small problem, Saturday morning to do the car to the West railway station Unicom computer room to adjust, in the inspection of other server hardware when found a DELL PE 2850 server Front of the display screen flashing orange, which means that there are problems

The error code displayed on the screen is as follows:


SBE Log Disabled

On the Internet to check the key words:

Some say it has something to do with the hardware log records.

Some say it is related to memory or memory slots,

My days, is also the memory of the problem, hey, before because of the memory of the ECC checksum problem, I may also dismantle the server!

But I looked at the Dell servers of other cabinets in the engine room, there are a lot of flashing this orange and so on, look at the error message and my this one of the same mistake, it is not a problem. I thought I'd put it this way and call Dell Technical customer service when I get to work on Monday.

No one in Dell knows their products best.

Monday Work Call 800, this time, unlike in the past, to connect the technical support of the phone need to provide the service code in the warranty period, this time there is no mandatory requirements, the telephone, but reported to the technical support of the service code, told me this server warranty has passed, no phone support, But he still provide me with technical support, let me very moved, such enterprises are not much.

First provide the error code to the engineer, the engineer checked, said memory or memory slot problems, I was in a cold sweat, really I said.

He provided a tool dset

The specific use method and download connection are as follows:

Follow the prompts step-by-step, collect the information, package to Dell technical support engineer

It is necessary to note that the tool collects information is a ZIP compression package, decompression requires a password: Dell.

Upload tool to server, give executable permission chmod +x delldset_v2.1.0.112_a00.bin

And then./delldset_v2.1.0.112_a00.bin Execution

License Agreement appears

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