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Since Borland the IDE products to set up a new CodeGear company, all the Delphi fans are looking forward to the birth of new IDE products. and CodeGear's response to the turbo Delphi, most people think of turbo as a very troublesome system, especially the incompatibility of various development environments, has caused many programmers ' complaints. But today, I saw Delphi 2007 of the interface after the picture, the feeling of Delphi 2007 in the support of Vista has made new progress. Gossip less, first look at the picture:

This is the interface of Delphi 2007 image capture. The picture presents the Delphi 2007 for Win32.

With support for the new native API from Microsoft Vista, Delphi 2007 already supports the beautiful Glass effect and also supports the new Vista Dialog window.

Even in the IDE, Delphi 2007 can draw the Aero UI and the new Ttaskdialog control. Unfortunately, it's not clear whether the latest Delphi 2007 natively supports Unicode characters! It's a very important thing, especially now that there are more and more software to write a multi-language environment, and the need for Unicode characters is getting bigger.

Do not know CodeGear can let Delphi after leaving Borland Phoenix pinch nirvana.

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