Delphi Control Installation and removal

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Generic control installation method is included:
Basic Installation
1, for a single control, Componet-->install component. -->pas or DCU file-->install;
2, for the control package with the *.dpk file, File-->open (*.DPK)-->install can be selected in the drop-down list box;
3, for the control package with *.BPL file, Install PACKAGES-->ADD-->BPL file name can be;
4, if the above install button is invalid, try compile button;
5, is the run time Lib in the option under the packages under the Runtimepackes Plus.
If the compile-time prompt file can not be found, usually the installation directory of the control is not in the Delphi Lib directory, there are two ways to solve:
1, the anti-installation of the source files copied into the Delphi Lib directory;
2, or Tools-->environment options to add the control source code path to the Delphi Lib directory.
Note: The installed controls are compatible with the version of Delphi that you are using.
Control Delete
deleted in Component/install packages.
Choose Component/configure Palette ...
With pages and two regions
Double-click the Components area, select the control you want to delete, and the delete button
However, the system-provided controls are only hide and cannot be delete.
Open the package file (*.DPK) where the control is located, remove the control file from it, and then recompile the package.
If the entire control package is to be deleted, project->option->packages, delete the Packages, quit.

Delphi Control Installation and removal

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