Delphi StarOffice Framework Beta 1.0 Release

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2005 since now, in the process of developing this road, all the way up and down, I can only rely on books and online sporadic information on the computer constantly groping, from the initial on the Turbo C to write two numbers added to the program, to later in Visual Basic wrote a calculator program, To later in Delphi developed a number of enterprise applications, each time I have a different understanding of programming, in the end what is the core of programming?!
The development of a wide range of languages, can be divided into three categories, the first type of machine-oriented language, such as assembly, the second class is a function-centric process-oriented programming language (OO), such as C, the third is the class and interface as the core of object-oriented programming (OOP), such as C++,java.
For the same requirement, the machine language implementation of the program is the highest operating efficiency, followed by OO, and finally oop, but you will find that the basic is the world of OOP, because for a project, operational efficiency is not the most important, program readability, maintainability, reusability, Scalability is the top priority of a project, so you will find that a set of development tools, there is always a framework to improve the development efficiency, such as VC Mfc,delphi Vcl,java as the most users, its framework is more. So what is the development framework? Simply put, is a specification of development, a large-scale project is certainly a team to develop together, then how to effectively manage the team, how to work together, how to deploy is a core issue. Programming language A lot of people say that it's like a lot of people in the world can talk, and some people say things in good order, some people speak Dog, this difference and programming language is the same, so the development framework is a unified code for the standard, so that a team can be efficient collaboration. This is largely my understanding of programming over the years.
So many years, I have been doing enterprise information management software, contact several industries, demand diversification is the common denominator of the industry software, and with the operation of enterprises, a set of valuable information management software must be able to accompany the growth of enterprises, information management software is a database as the core of the program development, And Delphi in the database development has a significant advantage, here, I share a set of information management system development framework, to have similar ideas of a friend a reference.
I named this framework the StarOffice framework

Introduction to the StarOffice Framework
In reference to the domestic and foreign Delphi cattle code, combined with some of their own understanding of the development,
The file is centered on a module (BPL or DLL), and the code is an interface-centric development framework,
The code in the module interacts with the interface, so there is very little coupling between the modules,
Each module only needs to provide an interface file to use for another module, while the code hierarchy uses the Uniform interface Access,
So that the interface user does not need to know which module the interface implements.

Today, let me briefly introduce the demo program.

The framework provides five basic management

This is the framework of the demo main program

This shows the module information that is loaded in the frame.

The interface information in the framework is shown here

The event information in the frame is shown here

After completing the framework initialization, the demo main program
Load all the modules in the directory first

The menu is then generated based on all the events in the frame and the event is bound

In a team, you can arrange for programmers to be responsible for the authoring of an interface, or to write a module
And everyone in the team is independently developed, can share only the interface definition, do not share the implementation process,
This makes the task clear for everyone in the project, and the related responsibilities are clear,
The team can also accumulate a lot of reusable code and provide quick help for more projects

Now the real people in the domestic Delphi has become less, I am very sad,
Until I met a Delphi programmer from around the world on Facebook, I felt a little relieved
So I'm sharing the code address on Facebook,
If you are interested, you can add me Facebook: [email protected] learn more

Delphi StarOffice Framework Beta 1.0 Release

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