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When I first arrived, I hoped that the scalpers in the garden would not throw bricks. I had been doing development for several years and wanted to own my own blog. Of course, I was always busy, the most important thing is that I prefer food. Well, today I finally have the courage! Due to my recent research on UO, I found a client written in Delphi. What should I do? After all, I am engaged in C # And. net. I am not familiar with Delphi, so I found a software for delphi2cs on the Internet. I am very happy! I tried it quite well, but last look, ah!

// Delphi2cs trial converts the. Pas file that is less than 500 lines.
// Main. PAS is 4343 lines.
// Please purchse the final version to avoid the limitation.

I am not very good at English, but I almost understood it. This version cannot be converted into more than 500 lines of Delphi files, and foreign and domestic websites searched a large circle, no method to crack-_-|.

What should we do? Think about it, just do it yourself, and get yourself full of clothes and food. So if you are looking for a tutorial on the internet, just refer to the gourd painting!

First, use reflectorto decompile delphi2cs.exe, example. That's good. It's written in C #. It's correct. Haha!

Although the Code is messy, it seems that there is no confusion. Fortunately, I may be helpless! Finally, I found the following sentence:

Else if (this. Gbit. A> 500)
This. Ed ("delphi2cs trial converts the. Pas file that is less than 500 lines .");
Builder3.append ("// delphi2cs trial converts the. Pas file that is less than 500 lines. \ r \ n ");
StringFilename= Path. getfilename (this. O );
Builder3.append (string. Concat (new object [] {"//", filename, "is", this. GB. A, "lines. \ r \ n "}));
Builder3.append ("// please purchse the final version to avoid the limitation. \ r \ n ");
Flag = true;
Isn't that the key?

According to the tutorial on the internet, I first used ildasm to save it as an il file, and then used emeditor to open the Il file and modify it. I am dumb and I cannot understand Il! How can this problem be solved!


I can see it. It was originally 500. I changed it to 500000. I believe there should be no 500000 lines of code. I have never seen it anyway!

Use the ilasm tool to re-compile the file into an EXE file. Execute ilasm/exe d: \ in the vs2008 command line. Note that at the beginning, I failed to compile the file, later I found out that I used vs2005 ildasm and ilasm, because EXE is. net3.5, so you must use the tool under vs2008 to compile successfully. I tried it. A few thousands of lines of files have been converted successfully. ^_^! Well, let's write it here. It's the first time we crack it, the first time we write a blog in the garden, the first time we get it original... nothing else. I just want to remember the little bit in my life. I hope you can give me more advice!

Http://'s software. rar

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