Demand analysis of "elevator dispatching"

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Demand analysis of "elevator dispatching"

I. Background of the project

Imagine, Shijiazhuang Railway University basic teaching building elevator configuration is as follows: The building has 18 floors, 4 elevators, many passengers use these elevators daily (passenger weight: Average 70 kg max 120 kg, min 45 kg). Other constant data: elevator speed, open/close time, passenger time to be in/out of the elevator. Can be justified on these assumptions.

Second, data analysis

We randomly selected one day to go to the scene to investigate the use of the basic teaching building elevator, the list is as follows:

Name of Elevator Number of docking layers Passenger restrictions Weight Limit/kg
Elevator 1 8-18 layers (Double layer) 15 people


Elevator 2 8-18 layers (Double layer) 15 people


Elevator 3 8-18 layers (Single layer) 15 people


Elevator 4 8-18 layers (Single layer) 15 people


Pro class is generally the peak of the elevator use, the elevator is about more than 10 people, the usual elevator usage is smaller, sometimes four elevators are in the state of unmanned use.

Third, the demand analysis

Our group outlines several features that the elevator scheduler needs to accomplish:

1. Record each person presses the elevator data, such as the personnel in several layers, to go several layers.

2. Determine the order of each person, in order to meet each person's demand for elevators.

3. Design an elevator limit weight alarm. If the lift is overweight, the elevator automatically alarms and does not run until the weight limit is met

4. Design a low peak period, that is, the use of the elevator is small, only open two elevators, the other two does not run, to avoid unnecessary waste of resources (such as sometimes several people at the same time on the next floor but use different elevators).

Demand analysis of "elevator dispatching"

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