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Business people often need to use PPT to negotiate business with customers, and to ensure that the speech to achieve the desired effect, not only a powerful PPT demo tool, but also to share the PPT document to the audience to read. and WPS Mobile version of the built-in Wi-Fi direct technology, can realize the PPT sharing playback, so that the PPT demo complement each other.

Wi-Fi Direct share playback prerequisites

Wi-Fi Direct technology does not need to pass the wireless router, you can realize the directly connected Wi-Fi devices, thereby helping users to quickly and easily transfer content, sharing applications. However, for Android terminals, to achieve Wi-Fi direct share playback through the WPS Mobile version, you need to ensure that the device supports Wi-Fi direct technology, which is currently available on devices in Android 4.1 and above to enable the WPS mobile version to function.

As a powerful office office software, the WPS Mobile version not only supports the viewing and editing of up to 24 formats of documents, the latest version is added Wi-Fi direct technology, which brings great convenience for mobile demonstrations. In other words, as long as the mobile phone or tablet Android 4.1 version, installed WPS Mobile version can be implemented "wireless" PPT demo.

Below, let's experience the business demo of WPS Mobile Wi-Fi direct share playback!

Actual experience Wi-Fi direct share playback

First install WPS Mobile version on mobile phone or flat plate, because Wi-Fi direct technology can realize Wi-Fi interconnection anytime, no need wireless router or Wi-Fi access point, the device equipped with WPS Mobile version can connect with each other in any place, demo hall, meeting room, Starbucks and even on the train, on the road, can be realized by PPT sharing playback.

In the WPS Mobile version, using the Wi-Fi direct share playback feature is simple and uses the same method as Bluetooth sharing.

First of all, the need to share the PPT document to the tablet, you can directly invoke WPS Mobile version of "cloud storage" stored in the PPT data. After opening the PPT document, click the "Common" menu in the upper-right corner of the interface, and then click the "Share Play" icon.

Select "Change Network", and then select "WiFi Direct connection", through the automatic search to connect to another support WiFi direct device, notify the other access code, you can successfully achieve the two devices WiFi interconnection, the use of WPS Mobile version can be used for PPT sharing playback.

It is worth mentioning that in the demo room or conference room, if you want the traditional display device wireless sharing to play PPT, then you can select "Invite TV or projector" in the shared Play window, then enter the invitation code.

Through the actual experience found that using the WPS Mobile version of the Wi-Fi direct sharing playback, the presenter can also be added to the WPS Mobile version of the demo effect, such as the original animation, blinds, sliding, appear, and so on, so that the results of a colorful ppt presentation, conducive to active speech atmosphere, Let the audience be able to accurately feel the presentation content to express the real intention!

In the end: for business presenters, it is critical to make sure that the audience "follows you" in the PPT presentation process to understand what you mean. and WPS Mobile version through Wi-Fi direct technology, can achieve faster, more free wireless sharing of playback, with WPS Mobile version, mobile terminal audience can listen to lectures, while synchronous "wireless" reading PPT materials, not only better to convey the content of the presentation to the audience, Let the business demo really realize wireless 0 distance without hindrance.

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