Demonstration Center Project issues and solutions this week (7/26-8/1)

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  1. If editteacher is not submitted, it is verified.
    Solution: Add validate = "false" to the action definition ".
  2. The Code attribute of the teacher object is automatically generated.
    Solution: change the code attribute from the string type to the long type, and Add 1 when generating the code. (This method also needs to be modified if you want to allow deletion from the database)
  3. Applicationresources. properties file conflict.
    Solution: in the case of multiple modules, specify your own applicationresources. properties file name in each module definition file.
  4. Validation. xml conflict.
    Solution: in the case of multiple modules, specify your own validation. xml file name in each module definition file.
  5. Error jump.
    Solution: Specify the global forward in the module definition file and point to the unified error handling page errors. JSP, and set contextrelative = "true". Mapping is used for redirect. findforward ("errors.
  6. Test the method of editing the object action.
    Not resolved yet. Because the code is generated, You need to obtain hibernatedao to know the code value of the newly created object and modify it accordingly. However, it is still unclear how hibernatedao initializes in strutstestcase.
  7. When running build. XML, the system occasionally prompts that the class cannot be found.
    Not resolved yet. Sometimes it is prompted that a factory class of easy struts cannot be found, and you just need to turn off eclipse and start it again. I don't know why.
  8. An error occurred while synchronizing the CVS database.
    Solution: reinstall version 2.0.26 cvsnt on another machine.

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