Demonstration of the silverlight3 release Conference-the first Silverlight enterprise-level development instance in China 3-my programming style-understanding is the final truth

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This is my navigation menu. The menu is dynamically generated based on the role and permissions.
It is also my first silverlight2 programming.
When I first entered the programming and development industry, programming was messy. I always thought that writing was hard to understand to prove my high level.
If you don't talk about it, it's really terrible. Haha. Fortunately, there was a project manager all day "Scold" me. So my growth really thanks to every project manager and architect I met before.
The grace of dripping water is reported by Yongquan, only remembering what others have helped you.
Next, I mentioned above that I used to think thatIt turns out that I am at a high level.
Otherwise,ProgramJust like ancient poetry, when I wrote a song in the ancient Soviet Union, I had to look for my grandmother. It was really easy to understand and he stopped modifying the song.   My current programming is generally simple, efficient, and maintainable, and more importantly, try to make others understand yourCode.
Simply implementing complex functions with your knowledge is the only thing you need.

This is the outermost layer:

Introduction and reference writing:

References must distinguish between system references and custom references:

This is the code in the Assembly and should be clear:

This is the interface after I expand the Helper method:

Not only the appearance looks good, but also the interior looks neat. It cannot be strange and neat outside, but it is messy after expansion.

The details I expand again are as follows:

However, the comments I wrote at this time are not very good, because they are not very simple and clear.

But remember to comment.

We can also see that every function is sometimes a function, which means to use a function to encapsulate details,

Put the framework out so that everyone can easily understand it.]

Next, let's take a look at the code of the solution check and supplement module. There is only a framework, and if it contains code, I will cut it in half,

First in business ethics, listen to the company's words, soNoLeak CompanyTechnology:

First:Log on to the command Layer:

Second, log on to the server to read the data layer:

Third, log on to obtain the user's menu information:

Solution check and supplement part of the Code:

First, the solution checks and supplements the command layer (a complicated one)

Expand the specific content of one node:

Solution check and supplement Server:

Scheme check and supplement intermediate processing layer:

Scheme check and supplement intermediate processing layer expand part of code

Thank you for your comments and comments!


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