dena/Shanghai travel by using AWS massively shortens the time to launch new games and services

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About dena/Shanghai Longitudinal Tour

DeNA was founded in 1999, is the world's leading network services company, business covers social games, e-commerce and other fields. Headquartered in Tokyo, Dena is now listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange (transaction code: 2432) and has offices or research and development studios in 10 countries, including China, the United States, Singapore and Sweden. At present, Dena has nearly 100 million users worldwide, mainly engaged in social gaming platform Mobage Dream Valley is a world-renowned smartphone social gaming platform, providing users around the world with a free multiplayer online mobile social game developed by first and third parties. Shanghai Longitudinal Travel Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Longitudinal Tour) is the Shanghai branch of Dena Group.


Now, the rapid development of the Internet will be civilian, social and commercial high concentration of data to promote the "savage growth" of large numbers of data, as many people at the same time "homework" a typical platform, Shanghai longitudinal tour is facing an unprecedented opportunity. At the same time, many challenges come along. Dena Original main business coverage at Headquarters in Japan and North America, in recent years with its "Blood Brothers", "handed down three countries" and other games, Korea, China and other places of the market pattern is being constantly broken down, the number of local game users show a ladder-style growth. How to provide these users with a stable game platform, and in the first time to pass the company's latest game resources to become the first to solve the problem of Shanghai longitudinal tour. To this end, Shanghai longitudinal Tour decided to expand the server as the preferred solution. However, the approach taken from building or renting an overseas server can cost a lot of money and manpower, and multi-lingual requirements and offsite management can add to the company's operational pressures. In addition, from the server's screening, determine to the deployment of a considerable period of time, during which the target user's game experience is bound to be a certain impact, there is no way to minimize the cost of input and operating costs under the premise of the implementation of a fast server setup?

Why use AWS

As a listed game company, Shanghai Longitudinal Tour for the choice of partners very carefully, after careful investigation and comparison of multiple cloud service platform, Shanghai longitudinal Tour finally selected to adopt AWS Cloud platform services, with the help of AWS Ec2,vpc, RDS, S3, CloudFront, Route53 and other cloud services to make the overall architecture intact. When choosing AWS, Shanghai's longitudinal tour is based on the following considerations:

A good cloud service system and cost control
AWS Flexible Choice and a complete construction structure to meet the Shanghai longitudinal travel business Development needs, the same time to save the deployment and operating costs:
Amazon ec2/vpc: Use Amazon EC2 's high resiliency to freely adjust capacity to your actual needs. Let EC2 and VPC work together to provide a safe and powerful networking function for the computing resources of Shanghai Longitudinal tour. At present, Shanghai Longitudinal tour all of the servers are using a VPC, only a small number of servers using public IP and made access restrictions, the user's traffic through the ELB distribution to the AppServer, in the AppServer front-end can be load-balanced and high-availability effect. At the same time, the Shanghai tour of the same game server will be assigned to a sub-network, AppServer can be directly connected to the back-end of the memached or DB server.

Amazon S3:S3 is an internet-facing storage service that ensures the security and stability of users ' data by providing users with static resources in the game, installing programs or updating resource packs.

Amazon CloudFront: is primarily responsible for providing download acceleration services for static resources and game clients stored on S3, as well as some static resources on the server to use Amazon CloudFront to speed access through ELB.

Amazon RDS: Some of the games in Shanghai are using RDS to replace the self-built DB server, the main library uses Multi-az. RDS agrees that Dena's data managers can remotely set up, operate, and extend relational databases at the same time, providing cost-effective, adjustable capacity.

No operating system boundaries
Because AWS has no restrictions on the operating platform, Shanghai longitudinal Tour can use a variety of operating platforms such as Linux and Windows to perform node.js,perl or technology development, providing a high degree of flexibility for the opening of the game in Shanghai.

humanized Service
AWS has a one-hour global response service, with experienced technical project architects to solve problems that may arise when using AWS in Shanghai, and to maximize the uninterrupted execution of game services throughout the year. During the implementation of the project, AWS's Trust advisor service can help Shanghai to check the AWS environment at any time and provide recommendations when it is possible to save money, improve system performance and reliability, or make up for security breaches.

Global coverage
The same AWS Technology agrees with developers to easily deploy applications at different locations around the world, and finally the user's coverage is no longer limited. This feature helps Shanghai travel easily provide fast access to Japanese nodes for Korean and RTHK, and even global users, and ensures the stability of domestic developers connecting to Japanese nodes.

Shanghai longitudinal tour to the user experience requirements for excellence, in the early game project implementation will build sandbox environment. To control costs, the environment is typically implemented with T1.micro or M1.small. The sandbox environment will be completed after a number of debugging and testing work. When the game is online, project developers, architects and operations managers will estimate the approximate number of servers, models, and costs required, depending on the performance of the game in the sandbox environment. They will then apply to the Business Planning department, and the AWS team will be able to complete the formal deployment within 2-3 days, effectively shortening the time of product and service launch. Thanks to the flexible flexibility of AWS, Shanghai longitudinal Tour can easily face the rapid growth of users in Korea and China, and add the number of servers at high speed according to their own needs, to ensure the player's high-quality gaming experience in the region. From the perspective of Shanghai's management and operations, such as Route53, RDS, S3, CloudFront, ElastiCache, the AWS Cloud service is easier to use, maintenance does not need to invest a lot of manpower and money, Combined with the remote and controllable features of AWS and the cost of overseas deployment at the beginning of the project, the cost of using AWS on a vertical tour in Shanghai is 20% less than the cost of autonomous operations.

"By using AWS, we can reduce the time to launch new games and services in a significant amount," said Zhi, a project engineer at Shanghai's Longitudinal travel technology. When the business plan changes, we can easily adjust the server configuration and quantity, and effectively save operating costs. According to our current usage situation, the single point of failure recovery rate is significantly higher than the traditional physical server, and also did not encounter the network failure, which is far superior to the domestic ordinary IDC. ”

A lot of other information

To learn about the many other AWS gaming applications, please refer to the AWS Game hosting page:

dena/Shanghai travel by using AWS massively shortens the time to launch new games and services

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