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Recently my Guangzhou SEO blog snapshots are no longer updated, because in these days I found my site's snapshots slowed down, do not know is not because of the previous blog update and now is not the same, before a few days update, now is every day update, also may be updated are original, because the recent is to see a good article reprinted over. Come to the following questions yourself:

Blog snapshots do not update is a lot of webmaster very headache things, I am also using light years SEO log analysis tool to check a bit, found that the search engine has become less. What is not to be updated in the end?

1th: Website revision, because my Guangzhou SEO blog recently revised, this is related.

2nd: The site of a large number of articles are not original, because the previous is original.

3rd: The title of the website, the keyword of the website, describe the modification of the calendar harm, my blog is often modified, this is also the focus.

4th: The weight of the site began to fall, now the search engine does not put your site in a good position. From tonight's Guangzhou SEO rankings can be seen, I have a lot of keywords from tonight's 12 point after the start of the very bad, before the ranking in front of the fall to a few pages later.

5th: The space of the website or the server is unstable and make the search engine unfriendly to the site, often can not visit, especially in the early morning, is the most frequent spiders, if this time can not be accessed, snapshots will not be updated temporarily, if the long-term frequent can not visit, then there is the possibility of K station, My space is a bit of a problem, open particularly slow.

These are just my personal views, but also I recently met the problem, so I write to share with you, I hope you do not make such a mistake, let's look at the above problems how to solve it.

First: The site do not often revised, there is no big problem is not the best revision, do not casually to modify. Hope you want to remember, tips: This article by pushing a member Dengkanhau original, this article engaged in Network Marketing, SEO, network promotion work, want to see the article about Dengkanhau please Baidu search Dengkanhau, we can exchange.

Second: Blog updated article is the best original, because the search engine is very like the original article, if it can be original every day is very good, this is believed that few people can do it, a week is also similar. Be sure to remember not to reprint other people's coming directly.

Third: Think of spiders fast, the best way is to write the original article, to publish, and then leave a message link, so the spider will soon come, like many friends are writing original articles, updated to A5 above, this can bring a lot of outside the chain, spiders will catch.

Four: the title of the website, keyword, describe a but set well, the best is not casually modified, because I was also modified to see if the search engine will immediately see the effect, so has not been the ranking has been stable.

V: often see links, because with us to do links to the site, some sites will often not open, or be k, or be down the right, so we have to pay more attention to this point. My Guangzhou seo, push A, the network promotion these keywords rank tonight to drop the calendar harm.

Summary: Everyone is best not to appear with Dengkanhau the same mistake oh, because I have met, I hope we do not appear again oh. Of course if we want to rank better, we can go to buy some good little single necklace to hang up, because tonight my friend optimized the site from the afternoon 15 to today's update is ranked third, are linked to a single link hanging up. So the single necklace connection effect is very good.

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