Departure three Shanghai Chapter

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When I was very young, I saw the night view of Shanghai, beautiful and fascinating. Since then, has been wanted to see, but has not been to. Accidentally invited by friends, to Changzhou, Jiangsu to play, away from Shanghai, there is no chance to travel, it is very regrettable.

When I arrived in Shanghai, it was already afternoon. Or the old routine, go to the hotel first. Hotel put down the bag to find a restaurant--eat, solve two big problems-next is not should go to big Bao Jian? Not also. Dick Silk life: only big treasure every day see (Tuhauzai day Big Bao Jian).

Live in the vicinity of Piazza Del Popole, walk a few steps is Nanjing Road, that is pedestrian street. Originally is a pedestrian street not very cold people, but every to a new city, pedestrian street will pay attention to, here is no exception. At the Nanjing Road entrance of People's Square, there is Madame Tussauds Wax museum, in the Shanghai Xintiandi inside the seven floor or the eight floor (remember it)? Why are so many people on the Internet recommending foreign tourists to play here? Walk in Nanjing Road, you will see a lot of signs, Yu Garden which direction, which direction of the temple? It is a place where visitors to Shanghai are recommended to play. Well, Yu Garden, if you look at more rivers people, did not go to the need, because that is the mini-version of the landscape Park, the temple, with the words of Shanghai people, is the foreigner will go to buy snacks place, expensive, not affordable. Side of the road, there will be a classic car, while on the side of "Shanghai Beach" while someone past a photo. They are keung, dome caps, sunglasses, vintage black long clothes.

Walking along the pedestrian street, is Waitan, you can also choose to take a tour bus. There is peace hotel at the end of the road, it is said that Old Jiang and song Meiling engaged in the place of dinner, today seems to be the minimum consumption of 3,500? A hen, huh?

The end is Chen Yi Square, which is the previous report on the stampede in Shanghai place. It is indeed the most Waitan in 18 miles. A crowd of hordes. If you move forward or backward, there will be less people. Waitan, Huangpu River, and the other side of the Lujiazui, the night under the embellishment of neon lights, pleasing. Waitan opposite is the TV tower-the Oriental pearl, the most striking place, breathtaking. Then there are three of Shanghai's tallest buildings: Jin Mao Tower, World Financial Center, and Shanghai Center Building, commonly known as the kitchen three-piece set (syringe, bottle opener, egg-playing device).

Of course, you can't ignore the Huangpu River, the mother River of Shanghai. There are many cruises that are convenient for tourists to watch, which is said to be 150RMB. The lights shone on the river, and the waves billow. There are also two of dollars of cruise ship, look up to the past, the most broken is, two yuan of the cruise ship is across the land of the mouth of transport, low-key and simple.

Go to both sides, the better the effect of viewing the other side. Because the person is very few, can even lie on the fence to look at the opposite shore. At night, alone in the river blowing hair, do not have a mood. Of course, if you can have a sister, that would be better, but a lot of things are not forced to (Lang Love concubine unintentionally).

Waitan look at the other shore

The first night to get the route, go back to wash and sleep.

Wake up to see the Oriental Pearl, understand the price. The two-ball fare is 160, and the three goals are more expensive, 220. Bought a joint ticket online. Cross-Harbour Tunnel sightseeing car + believe it or not you +3d Magic art exhibition + Oriental Pearl + History Museum, five attractions (local tyrants please buy tickets on site). Need to make an appointment, call to be told the second day to go, then choose the day to go again.

Thinking that today can not be like a woman, stay in the place to watch TV, and then the day it? Must go out for a walk, just do not waste this trip, and out of the purpose, is not to go out to walk (the world so big, I want to see)?

Then go to the Lujiazui and see.

In fact, the impact of Shanghai on me, but also a great part of the novel from Guo. Many of his books describe the people and things in Shanghai, with the "Little Times" ("Small Times" series read two). The book will be Lujiazui's bustling luxury performance of the dripping exquisite. The Pearl of the Orient is left for the second day, so go to the other buildings. Jin Mao Tower and World Financial Center two choose one (Shanghai Center building has not been delivered). Online to see the Jin Mao Tower entrance ticket, 88 (the scene is 120), bought a ticket, not directly up.

Shanghai Kitchen three-piece set

In the Jin Mao Tower Stroll, looked at a few layers, is generally eating, office and so on, there are some places to play, did not go in. Always feel a little timid, not confident. There is not a tens of thousands of in the pocket, feeling and street beggars are no different, but the clothes are better, clean only (but this does not have any eggs).

Browse posts online and see a blogger introducing the Kokonoe Day Lounge on the 87 floor. First two staff told bloggers to continue walking is Kokonoe Day lounge, in Bo and Bo Master's friends walked away five or six steps away, one of the female staff members loudly added a sentence: "Inside the minimum consumption of 130 yuan per capita." "Bo Master after spending the bill and friends sat for 10 minutes, and then left, the result was another waiter shouted:" You pay? "The blogger was to fire at this time, and he taught the waiter directly (the blog was 07). Look at the introduction, said the daily rent here is 791 square of the look. In many places, the minimum consumption per capita is hundreds of, while the private room is thousands of.

Also go to the World Financial Center stroll down, the general nature is the same. Not much to see the need to find a place to eat at the bottom, casually selected a package-a sandwich with a soup, more than 50, eat not accustomed.

But I didn't find a two-seater building with a high-rise elevator, and I don't know if it's with the sightseeing elevator? I don't think so. It's a little late. To take a sightseeing elevator in Jin Mao tower. Seems to be the fastest in Shanghai or? 9 meters per second, on the 88 floor only took a few 10 seconds. Also heard that the Shanghai Center building will be equipped with the world's fastest elevator, 18 meters per second. The world, the ever-changing, incredible ~

Went up some regrets, completely did not see, in the middle can look at the restaurant below. The exterior is a view of the surroundings. There is no meaning, and then inside an oriental pearl of the mini monument to tens of thousands of dollars. Mom says the money is worthless now.

Came out in the Lujiazui captured the Oriental Pearl, Shanghai Sleepless Night ~

And went to Nanjing Road, of course, on the way to Waitan stroll down. The night wind blows slowly, is very comfortable, life should be so ah, leisurely and rambling, do not care about poverty and wealth.

Go back to wash and sleep, found in the hotel watching TV is not a world. If there is a sister, hug and rely on, but also do not have a world.

Wake up and brush your teeth and wash your face. It is the third day, the time is really fast ah.

At noon, we will go to Chen Yi Square and collect the tickets.

The first to go is the submarine tunnel, the guide told us to maintain the vision of innocence to appreciate. After a few minutes, the lights show four scenes: the Time tunnel area, the Whirlpool zone, the shuttle zone, and the magma jet zone (not recommended for a separate ticket).

After the Huangpu River, went to two small venues: believe it or not you show and 3D Magic Fun Hall. Whether you believe it or not, it is a rare thing to put in place, including the display and introduction of some Guinness records. 3D Magic Fun Hall is some 3D diagram, and then leave a pit, let people go to the docking photo, create a kind of illusion (alone not suitable to go, no one photographed).

The play came and lined up to the Oriental Pearl. I want to say a lot of people, good long team, really hate line. The elevator went straight up to the two-ball look, similar to the Jin Mao Tower, can be seen through the glass outside the Waitan. But different places come, here can take the next floor of the stairs, there is a sightseeing corridor, it is too challenging. The glass at the bottom of the foot is transparent, and a glance down is the large vehicle of the bean and the pedestrian of the ant. Heart disease and the timid are cautious, occasionally found that children are shivering. Standing on that transparent glass, I felt as if I was in the fear of overcoming my own heart, trembling. Also a bit of life and death of the illusion between, because if the glass drop glue, or what, a person will no longer exist. The ground, like a mechanical watch, rotates in an orderly manner.

Transparent Sightseeing Corridor

Peripheral stroll a few laps, a lot of pictures of people, a lot of beautiful sister, very good places. can also go to a goal, a ball is very bad, there is a playground, the world's tallest indoor roller coaster. Then there are 5 D cinema, etc., 5D Cinema went in to see, the effect can also ~, playing with the real bubble. Around also some of the seating, are two people, hey, lovers dedicated Ah!

Landing on the ground, is the history museum. It was also quite a surprise to me, the best and biggest history museum I've ever seen. The wax figures are lifelike, with sound effects, a bit of a natural feeling, or another world that coexists with the imagination. On the road I listen to passers-by said more realistic than Madame Tussauds wax museum. Must go to see AH. Quite large, go straight, walk behind me is almost lost patience. But I couldn't help admiring it.

A corner of the Museum of History

After visiting dinner, he didn't come and ate, and went to catch the plane. The plane is the destination of the morning. Flying in the clouds is like a dream, can't help but take a few shots.

The beauty of the people intoxicated, really want to jump down, as for this life, is not important.

Always feel should be 66 years old should do things, Leng late 10 years. But when I was 66 years old, one did not have that thousands of dollars, two do not know the Lujiazui. Well, actually I want to walk around the ' chicken ' perimeter, while I'm still young. But many things must go back to deal with, life Ah, always so puzzled amorous feelings ~

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Departure three Shanghai Chapter

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