Dependency of jscookmenu on weblogic. xml configuration parameters

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Recently, Java, myeclipse, and WebLogic were used to develop web programs and jscookmenu was used to define menus used in the project.

When the weblogic. xml file is added to the WEB-INF folder, some attributes change, such:

<Session-param> <param-Name> cookiesenabled </param-Name> <param-value> false </param-value> </session-param> <session-param> <param-Name> cookiename </param-Name> <param-value> imssessionid </param-value> </session-param>
One of the following problems is that the image on the menu cannot be correctly displayed.
One of the following problems is that the image on the menu cannot be correctly displayed. By using the Internet Explorer developer toolbar software,
The link to the image that cannot be displayed is: http: // domain/web/faces/myfacesextensionresource/
You can find this file in the tomahawk-1.1.5.jar package:
Use the following method to parse the image path in this file: // sub menu display attributesif (cmthemeofficebase. indexof ("/; J")>-1) {myprefix = cmthemeofficebase. substring (0, cmthemeofficebase. indexof ("/; J") + "/"; mysuffix = cmthemeofficebase. substring (cmthemeofficebase. indexof ("/; J") + 1 );}
var myFolderLeft=myPrefix + 'spacer.gif' + mySuffix;var myFolderRight=myPrefix + 'arrow.gif' + mySuffix;
Find the/: J string in the code to separate the image path and sessionid, so we can know that cookiename In the weblogic. xml file is very important and must begin with the letter J. The correct image path should be: http: // domain/web/faces/myfacesextensionresource/org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.html. util. myfacesresourceloader/12115455/navmenu. jscookmenu. htmljscookmenurenderer/themeoffice/spacer.gif; jimssesessionid = gknnl23t! -527814332 as we can imagine, cookiename is a common method starting with the letter J, so you only need to modify cookiename to solve this problem.

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