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In the previous web project, IIS 6.0 was used. In this project, the server uses the Windows Server 2008 operating system and the Web server uses IIS 7.5; many errors occurred during initial deployment. I checked a lot of information online and finally completed the project deployment. Next we will record the main steps.


Project Background

The project uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Framework version is. NET Framework 3.5. Later, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is used, and the Framework version is. NET Framework 4.0.


Deployment steps

The following are the main steps for deployment:

1. Set IIS access permission for the folder where the web project is located


2. Apply the default IIS application Program Pool to. NET Framework 4, Classic mode. (Select based on the project details)


3. Add an application to the default IIS website


4. Set the physical path of the application and select the application pool


5. Select the IIS root node, click the ISAPI and CGI options, and select allow for running Web applications.

On a 32-bit machine, set the runtime used by the project to allow:


6. view the web application in the browser. The error 500.19 is returned.


7. Delete the configsections node in Web. config (because the original project uses. NET Framework 3.5)


Finally, enter the address of the web application in the browser to successfully access (Pay attention to firewall settings).


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