Deploy MongoDB and Node. js applications on OpenShift

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This is a free article on how to develop MongoDB, Node. js, and RockMongo applications on a Windows machine through OpenShift Online. This is not a title because it is too long. Cool. Now let's take a look at what's going on.

OpenShift Online-Red Hat public cloud program development and hosting platform, which can automatically configure, manage, and expand applications so that you can focus on writing business code. Let's get started. Maybe the next good idea is coming soon.

If you have already tried OpenShift, it is useless to use the official tutorial video. Although the official blog is better, it lacks good code examples. For example, you should know how to connect to MongoDB from Node. js and continue reading it.

First, you must have an account to create a new OpenShift, if you do not have one.

Once you log on to the site, you will find a beautiful main panel. You can click the Add application button to create an application:

Here are a bunch of options:

Click the WordPress icon to create a WrodPress program and name it on the next page:

Click the Create Application button. After several minutes, you can see how to modify the Application:

You need to clone your code to the application, and change the code as appropriate. Next, you need to visit the newly created application page (the Page Link is in the Application Tab Of The OpenShift Management Interface). You will see the WordPress initialization and installation interface:

If you have installed WordPress before, you should be familiar with it. Now you have installed it, and it's just a few simple clicks.

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