Deploy Keepalived in Ubuntu

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Deploying KeepalivedKeepalived in Ubuntu is a high-availability solution to prevent SPOF. First Download: cd/usrwgethttp: // response...
Deploy Keepalived in Ubuntu
Keepalived is a highly available solution to prevent SPOF. First Download: cd/usrwget Decompress: tar zxvf before the keepalived-1.2.7.tar.gz is compiled, install several libraries [plain] apt-get install libssl-dev apt-get install openssl apt-get install libpopt-dev and then run [plain]. /configure -- prefix =/usr: [plain] Keepalived configuration ------------------------ Keepalived version: 1.2.7 Compiler: gcc Compiler flags:-g-O2 Extra Lib: -lpopt-lssl-lcrypto Use IPVS Framework: Yes IPVS sync daemon suppo Rt: Yes IPVS use libnl: No Use VRRP Framework: Yes Use vrrp vmac: Yes SNMP support: No Use Debug flags: No compile: makemake install is installed in the following directories: /usr/sbin contains the executable program keepalived, which contains the configuration file and example/usr/etc/rc. d/init. d/keepalived is a service script file that can be copied to/etc/init. d Directory: [plain] #. /etc/rc. d/init. d/functions. /lib/lsb/init-functions [plain] #. /etc/sysconfig/keepalived. /us R/etc/sysconfig/keepalived because Linux except redhat does not have the above two directories. Under, you also need to modify it and replace $ {...} with start directly. [Plain] start () {echo-n $ "Starting $ prog:" # daemon keepalived $ {KEEPALIVED_OPTIONS} daemon keepalived start RETVAL =$? Echo [$ RETVAL-eq 0] & touch/var/lock/subsys/$ prog} also creates a directory [plain] mkdir-p/var/lock/subsys which is now set to system service [plain] update-rc.d keepalived default install daemon service. Apt-get install daemon is ready and can be started properly. Service keepalived start disable service keepalived stop
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