Deploy. NET 2.0 and. NET 4.0 sites on Server2003 Sp2+iis 6.0

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Web site Environment IIS6.0, operating system Windows Server2003 SP2, the server has already deployed a Web site for. NET 2.0 and ASP, and now you are deploying a newly developed. NET 4.0 Web site. Originally thought very simple, but encountered a lot of problems, the following detailed description of the process:

1. Net framework4.0 download, download address:, download and install after installation, the original. NET 2.0 website Version will appear automatically upgraded to 4.0, so remember to change back to 2.0.

Microsoft. NET Framework V4.0 Final official Simplified Chinese full version

2. Modify the Web service Extensions for IIS, the default installation of the v4.0.30319 is prohibited, to be modified to allow, as shown in figure 2-1; otherwise, there will be access to the Web page, there is no error found on the page 404;

Figure 2-1

3. Create an application pool for 4.0 programs, 2.0 and 4.0 Web sites cannot share an application pool, or you may have errors in the following figure 3-1 in My Computer-right-admin-system Tools-Event Viewer-application.

Figure 3-1

Via Internet Information Services-my application pool-new-application pool, pop up figure 3-2 below:

Figure 3-2

4, new. Net 4.0 Web site, check the application pool in the home directory, the following figure 4-1

Figure 4-1

And at the place tick version 4.0;

5, this time access to 2.0 and 4.0 Web site Service Unavailable, view Event Viewer reported the following error: HTTP filter DLL V4.0.30319aspnet_filter.dll failed to load. Data is an error; Find the document found that someone with the Process Monitor tool monitor the W3wp.exe file access, found C:windowssystem32msvcr100_clr0400.dll This file does not have permissions, then found this file, Do the following figure 5-1 action: Add Iis_

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